All Japan High School Women's Soccer Tournament

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The All Japan High School Women's Soccer Tournament of Japan is an annual nationwide high school association football tournament organized by the Japan Football Association.


First played in 1992, the final tournament was originally held in Kobe. In 2002 it was moved to Iwata, but in 2014 the competition was moved to Kobe. It used to take place in summer, but since the 2012 edition it has been played in January during the winter school vacation period, like the male High School Tournament. The tournament is broadcast by TBS.

Slots by regions

7 Kantō
4 Kansai Kyūshū
3 Chūgoku Hoku shin'etsu Tōhoku Tōkai
2 Hokkaido Shikoku
1Host prefecture


YearHigh SchoolLocationRegion
1992 Seiwa Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
1993Honjō Daiichi Saitama Kantō
1994Saitama Kōkō Saitama Kantō
1995Saitama Sakae Kōkō Saitama Kantō
1996Saitama Kōkō Saitama Kantō
1997Keimei Gakuin Kobe Kansai
1998 Seiwa Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
1999Shōnan Joshi Kōkō Yokohama Kantō
2000Keimei Gakuin Kobe Kansai
2001 Seiwa Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2002 Tokiwagi Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2004Kamimura Gakuen Kagoshima Kyūshū
2005Kamimura Gakuen Kagoshima Kyūshū
2006Fujieda Junshin Fujieda Chūbu
2008 Tokiwagi Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2009 Tokiwagi Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2010Hinomoto Gakuen Akashi Kansai
2011 Tokiwagi Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2012 Tokiwagi Gakuen Sendai Tōhoku
2013Hinomoto Gakuen Akashi Kansai
2014Hinomoto Gakuen Akashi Kansai
2015Fujieda Junshin Fujieda Chūbu
2016Jūmonji Kōkō Tokyo Kantō
2017Fujieda Junshin Fujieda Chūbu
2018 Seisa Kokusai Yokohama Kantō

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The 2018 All Japan High School Women's Soccer Tournament was the 27th edition of the competition. It has held in Kobe through January 3 — 13, 2019, and it was won for the first time by Yokohama's Seisa Kokusai. In the final they defeated five times-champion Tokiwagi Gakuen, which had knocked out defending champion Fujieda Junshin on penalties in the first round.