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Assignment Redhead
"Assignment Redhead" (1956).jpg
British quad poster
Directed by Maclean Rogers
Screenplay byMaclean Rogers
Based on Requiem for a Redhead
by Lindsay Hardy
Produced byWilliam G. Chalmers
Richard Gordon
Starring Richard Denning
Carole Mathews
Ronald Adam
Danny Green
Cinematography Ernest Palmer
Edited by Peter Mayhew
Music by Wilfred Burns
Distributed byRank Film Organisation (UK)
Release date
  • 1956 (1956)
Running time
79 mins
CountriesUnited Kingdom
United States
Budgetover £15,000 [1]

Assignment Redhead (released in the US as Million Dollar Manhunt) is a 1956 British crime thriller film written and directed by Maclean Rogers. [2] It is based on the novel Requiem for a Redhead by Lindsay Hardy.



Murderous international master criminal Dumetrius specialises in providing false travel documents. He flies to London from post-war Berlin with twelve million dollars in counterfeit cash. To cover his tracks he kills one passenger, frames another, and then hides out with a cabaret cigarette girl. American Major Keen is working for British intelligence and pursues him. Keen falls for a redheaded singer and accordion-player, who is under Dumetrius's control.



The film was the first of seven made by Richard Gordon's Amalgamated Productions. It was a co-production with Butcher's Film Distributors. [1]

The film was made for under £15,000 plus the salaries and expenses of the American participants. [1]

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Amalgamated Productions was a film company established by Richard Gordon in association with Charles F. "Chuck" Vetter, Jr., in the 1950s. They made a series of films in England. The first seven were crime films mostly using American stars and stories transplanted to England.

Lindsay John Hardy was an Australian novelist, playwright, and screenwriter who worked in Australia, the US, and the UK. He is regarded as one of the greatest writers for Australian radio drama.

Dossier on Dumetrius is a 1951 Australian radio serial by Lindsay Hardy. It was hugely popular and was adapted into a book and a film. There were also several sequels.


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