Johnny on the Spot

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Johnny on the Spot
Johnny on the Spot film Opening titles (1954).png
Opening titles
Directed by Maclean Rogers
Written byMichael Cronin (novel)
Maclean Rogers
Produced by Edwin J. Fancey
Starring Hugh McDermott
Elspet Gray
Paul Carpenter
Cinematography Geoffrey Faithfull
Edited by Monica Kimick
E. J. Fancey Productions
Release date
  • 7 June 1954 (1954-06-07)
Running time
72 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Johnny on the Spot is a 1954 British 'B' [1] crime drama film directed by Maclean Rogers and starring Hugh McDermott, Elspet Gray and Paul Carpenter. [2] It was written by Rogers based on the 1953 novel Paid in Full by Michael Cronin.




It was shot at Bushey Studios and on location in London.[ citation needed ]


The Monthly Film Bulletin wrote: "An indifferently made thriller, so confused in its narrative development that the plot becomes at times very nearly incomprehensible." [3]

Kine Weekly wrote: "The picture keeps well on the move and, despite the fact that its sense of direction is none too sure, neatly tempers suspense with refreshing romance. Hugh McDermott registers as Johnny and Elspet Gray pleases as Joan, but neither has anything on Ronald Adam, as Inspector Beveridge. The last-named never gives an indifferent performance. Well-varied backgrounds effectively clothe the crowded play's many facets." [4]

In British Sound Films: The Studio Years 1928–1959 David Quinlan rated the film as "mediocre", writing: "Difficult to follow – or to care." [5]

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