Austrian Regionalliga West

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Austrian Regionalliga West
Country Austria
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to Second League
Relegation to Landesliga
Domestic cup(s) Austrian Cup
Current champions USK Anif
Current: 2020–21

The Austrian Regional League West (German : Regionalliga West) was a third-tier division of Austrian football introduced in the 1980–81 season as successor of the Alpenliga. It covered the Austrian states of Salzburg, Tyrol (excepting East Tyrol) and Vorarlberg and was one of three leagues at this level.


2019–20 reformation

Due to high travel costs, the Vorarlberg and Tyrol clubs decide to form their own Elite ligas, forcing Salzburg to do so as well. The Eliteliga will be divided in a Regionalliga Salzburg, Regionalliga Tirol and Eliteliga Vorarlberg in the fall with 10 clubs each. The two best teams of these three regional leagues play in an Eliteliga play-off for promotion to the 2nd league. [1]

Recent league champions

The most recent league champions: [2]

2012–13 FC Liefering
2013–14 Austria Salzburg
2014–15Austria Salzburg
2015–16 WSG Wattens
2016–17 USK Anif
2017–18 USK Anif
2018–19 FC Dornbirn

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SV Austria Salzburg

SV Austria Salzburg is an Austrian association football club, based in the city of Salzburg. The club was formed in 2005 by some supporters of the original SV (Austria) Salzburg after it was renamed FC Red Bull Salzburg by its new owners, who also changed the club's colours from its traditional violet and white to red and white. The club commenced participation in the seventh tier of Austria's national league system in 2006, then rose through four successive championships to the third tier, Regionalliga West, in 2010. In 2015, the club gained promotion to the Erste Liga, one tier below the Austrian Bundesliga, only to be relegated a year later.

Austrian Football Bundesliga National league club competition in Austrian football

The Austrian Football Bundesliga is the top level of the Austrian football league system. The competition decides the Austrian national football champions, as well the country's entrants for the various European cups run by UEFA. Since Austria stayed in sixteenth place in the UEFA association coefficient rankings at the end of the 2015–16 season, the league gained its first spot for the UEFA Champions League. The Austrian Bundesliga, which began in the 1974–75 season, has been a separate registered association since 1 December 1991. It has been most won by the two Viennese giants Austria Wien, who were national champions 24 times, and Rapid Wien, who won the national title 32 times. Rapid's last title was in the 2007–08 season. The current champions are Red Bull Salzburg. Phillip Thonhauser is president of the Austrian Bundesliga. The Austrian Football Bundesliga is currently known as Tipico Bundesliga for sponsorship reasons.

Football is the most popular sport in Austria. The Austrian Football Association, the ÖFB, was founded in 1904 and has been a member of FIFA since then. Despite the sport's popularity, except for a successful streak in the early 1930s, the country's national team has not been successful in tournaments. Austria played their first ever European championship as a qualifier in 2016, but finished last in their group and failed to advance. Their only prior appearance in the European championship was in 2008, but was promptly eliminated also at the group stage.


The Regionalliga is the fourth tier in the German football league system. Until 1974, it was the second tier in Germany. In 1994, it was introduced as the third tier. Upon the creation of the new nationwide 3. Liga in 2008, it became the fourth tier.

The Austrian Regionalliga is the third-highest division in Austrian football, after the Austrian Bundesliga and the Second League. It is divided into 5 groups: East, covering the states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland; Central, covering the states of Styria, Carinthia, Upper Austria and the exclave of East Tyrol; Regionalliga Salzburg, covering the state of Salzburg; Regionalliga Tirol, covering the state of Tyrol and the Eliteliga Vorarlberg, covering the state of Vorarlberg.

The Austrian Landesliga is the fourth tier of professional football in Austria. It is divided into nine conferences — one for each Austrian state:

SC Bregenz Association football club in Austria

SC Schwarz-Weiß Bregenz or SW Bregenz, formerly SC Bregenz, is an Austrian association football club from Austria, based in the town of Bregenz. They currently play in Austria's third tier Eliteliga Vorarlberg.

The Austrian 2. Landesliga is the fifth tier of football in Austria. It is divided among the Austrian states by one or more conferences. The champions of each conference are promoted to the Landesliga.

Gauliga Ostmark

The Gauliga Ostmark, renamed Gauliga Donau-Alpenland in 1941, was the highest football league in Austria after its annexation by Germany in 1938. Shortly after the occupation, the Nazis reorganised the administrative regions in Austria, and the seven GaueCarinthia, Niederdonau, Oberdonau, Salzburg, Styria, Vienna and Tyrol-Vorarlberg replaced the country of Austria. From 1941, the northernmost region of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Drava Banovina, became part of the GaueCarinthia and Styria.

The 2009–10 Austrian Football First League was the 36th season of the Austrian second-level football league. It began on 14 July 2009 and ended on 28 May 2010.

FC Liefering Association football club

FC Liefering GmbH is an Austrian association football club, originally from Liefering. It currently plays in the Second League, the second tier of Austrian football. Since 2012, Liefering has been a feeder club for Austrian Football Bundesliga side FC Red Bull Salzburg.

The 2013–14 Austrian Football Bundesliga is the 102nd season of top-tier football in Austria.

The Styria Football Association is the umbrella organization of the football clubs of the Austrian state Styria. The StFV was founded in 1911 and has its headquarters in Graz.

2016–17 Austrian Cup football tournament season

The 2016–17 Austrian Cup was the 83rd season of Austria's nationwide football cup competition. It began with a First Round match between FC Karabakh Wien and Rapid Wien on 8 July 2016 and ended on 1 June 2017 with the final at Wörthersee Stadion in Klagenfurt. Red Bull Salzburg were the defending champions.

The 2017–18 Austrian Regionalliga was the 59th season of the Austrian third-tier football league.

The 2011–12 season of the Regionalliga was the 53rd season of the third-tier football league in Austria, since its establishment in 1959.

Dornbirner Sport Verein is an Austrian association football club from Vorarlberg, based in the town of Dornbirn, which was founded in 1954. They play their home games at the Sportplatz Haselstauden. They currently participate in the Eliteliga Vorarlberg.

The Eliteliga Vorarlberg is a third-tier division of Austrian football introduced in the 2019–20 season as one of the successor of the Austrian Regionalliga West. It covers the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and is one of five leagues at this level.

The Regionalliga Tirol is a third-tier division of Austrian football introduced in the 2019–20 season as one of the successor of the Austrian Regionalliga West. It covers the Austrian state of Tyrol and is one of five leagues at this level.

The Regionalliga Salzburg is a third-tier division of Austrian football introduced in the 2019–20 season as one of the successor of the Austrian Regionalliga West. It covers the Austrian state of Salzburg and is one of five leagues at this level.


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