Bergens Tidende

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Bergens Tidende
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Schibsted (99.999%)
J. W. Eides Stiftelse (0.001%)
EditorFrøy Gudbrandsen
Founded2 January 1868;153 years ago (1868-01-02)
Political alignmentNone officially (traditionally Liberal)
LanguageNorwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk)
Headquarters Bergen, Norway
ISSN 0804-8983  (print)
1500-7618  (web)
OCLC number 49229316
Bergens Tidende 30 January 1870. Bergens Tidende 30. januar 1870 - framside.png
Bergens Tidende 30 January 1870.

Bergens Tidende is Norway's fifth-largest newspaper, and the country's largest newspaper outside Oslo.


Bergens Tidende is owned by the public company Schibsted ASA. [1] Norwegian owners held a mere 42% of the shares in Schibsted at the end of 2015. [2] Bergens Tidende is thus foreign-owned.

History and profile

Founded in 1868, Bergens Tidende is based in Bergen. The newspaper is published in two sections. Section one contains op-eds, general news, sports, and weather. Section two contains culture, views, local news, and television listings. The feature magazine BTMagasinet is published on Saturdays.

Bergens Tidende is owned by the public company Schibsted, which also owns Aftenposten , Stavanger Aftenblad , and Fædrelandsvennen . [3] At least 30% of the shares of Schibsted are owned by foreign investment banks and insurance companies, such as Goldman Sachs. [4] The paper began to be published in tabloid format in 2006. [5]

The paper was awarded the European Newspaper of the Year in the regional newspaper category by the European Newspapers Congress in 2011. [6]

In 2005 Bergens Tidende reached about 260,000 readers every day, mainly in the county of Vestland. [7] Circulation numbers peaked at 100,000 copies in 1988. Its circulation was about 87,000 copies in 2007. [8] In 2008 the paper had a circulation of 85,825 copies, and later dropped to 70,220 copies by 2015. [9]


The website of Bergens Tidende is Until 2009, the newspaper broadcast on BTV (formerly TV Hordaland), but service was taken off air and incorporated into

List of editors-in-chief

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