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CEVRO Institute
CEVRO Institut
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CEVRO Institute, Prague
MottoStudy in English, Live in Prague.
Type Private
Chairman Ivan Langer
President Josef Šíma
Vice-president cz:Tomáš Pojar
Provost David Lipka, Ph.D.
Academic staff
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Affiliations www.friendsofcevro.org
Website www.cevroinstitut.cz/en/
Data as of 2020

The CEVRO Institute (Czech: CEVRO Institut) is a private university in Prague, Czech Republic. It offers BA and MA degrees in a wide range of social sciences and several professional post-graduate programs.



CEVRO Institute was established on 15 September 2005, by CEVRO – Liberal-Conservative Academy, a nonpartisan think tank created in 1999 to provide political education, democracy assistance and capacity building for democratic leaders and parties from around the world. CEVRO Institute is a small private college located in the center of the city of historical Prague.

The Institute's main goal is to provide quality cross-disciplinary education in the area of social sciences - law, public administration, economics, business, political science, international relations and security.

Mirek Topolánek, then Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, presided over the opening of the university, praising CEVRO's founding as a testament to the free enterprise system.

Your university – and I want to sincerely congratulate you on successful accomplishment of your project – is evidence that capitalism is not equal to egoism. This false equation had been hammered into our heads for many years. And some people would like to hammer it into our heads again. And you stuck up for yourselves. You stuck up for yourselves, because you know that capitalism equals to freedom. Freedom of possession, as well as freedom of research. Freedom of working and freedom of using fruits of one's work, whether they are fruits of material or spiritual character. .

Mirek Topolánek, November 1, 2006 [1]

As of 2020, the current president is economist Josef Šíma, and the board chairman is Ivan Langer. Tomáš Pojar, the vice president for International Relations of the CEVRO Institute, is the former Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Israel.


The school offers 12 academic programs, 2 of them in English. [2] In the fall of 2016, the school launched a unique PPE (philosophy, politics and economics) MA program taught in English with international faculty from both Europe and the United States. Specialization tracks include Studies of Transition, Austrian Economics, International Politics, Studies of Objectivism, Behavioral Policy Making, Law and Economics. Peter Boettke called the program "a wonderful educational and life experience for the next generation of potential thought leaders... Just a phenomenal opportunity to live learning." [3]

In the fall of 2020, the school launches an international BA program Economics, Business, Politics.

Bachelor programs

Master's programs

Professional Programs

Summer Programs


The central facility of CEVRO Institute is in a historic building in downtown Prague. [4]

Student life

As of 2020 student body includes full-time, exchange and study abroad students coming from over 30 countries. [5]


CEVRO Institute publishes New Perspectives on Political Economy , a peer-reviewed, semi-annual, bilingual, interdisciplinary journal. Its main objective is to enhance the understanding of private property, market, and individual liberty-based perspectives in the respected sciences, mostly from the Austrian School.

Prague Conference on Political Economy

Prague Conference on Political Economy - PCPE - is an annual international and interdisciplinary gathering of scholars focusing on cross-disciplinary research in the tradition of PPE, PPE&L or the Austrian School of Economics and political economy of freedom organized in Prague since 2005. Two annual memorial lectures - Franz Cuhel Memorial Lecture and Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Lecture - are dedicated to the memory of two scholars whose lives are tight with the city of Prague. [6] CEVRO Institute has been the main PCPE organizer since 2010. [7]

Franz Cuhel Memorial Prize recipients
Friedrich von Wieser Memorial Prize recipients

Guest speakers

CEVRO Institute has hosted various speakers, including Nobel Prize laureate Vernon L. Smith, Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto Polar, British economic historian Robert Skidelsky, Baron Skidelsky, former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak, Polish statesman and reformer Leszek Balcerowicz, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Steven Pifer, economist Peter Boettke, Saxo Bank CEO Lars S. Christensen, American jurist Guido Calabresi, law professor Richard Epstein, noted anarchist David D. Friedman, professor of educational entrepreneurship James Tooley, economist and Cato Institute scholar Daniel J. Mitchell, economist Edward Stringham, economist Jesús Huerta de Soto, former Minister of Finance of Slovakia Ivan Mikloš, environmentalist Terry L. Anderson, economist and historian Hans-Hermann Hoppe, philosopher Roderick T. Long, entrepreneur and blogger Yaron Brook, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia Richard Sulík, economist Mario J. Rizzo, author and activist Tom G. Palmer, Ambassador and diplomat Martin Palouš. [9] [10]

Notable people


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