Charley's Aunt (1941 film)

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Charley's Aunt
"Charley's Aunt" (1941).jpg
Directed by Archie Mayo
Written by George Seaton
Brandon Thomas (original play)
Produced by William Perlberg
Starring Jack Benny
Kay Francis
James Ellison
Cinematography J. Peverell Marley
Edited by Robert Bischoff
Music by Alfred Newman
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Release date
August 1, 1941 (US)
Running time
80 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$889,300 [1]
Box office$2,278,200 [1]

Charley's Aunt is a 1941 American historical comedy film directed by Archie Mayo. It stars Jack Benny and Kay Francis. It was the third filmed version of the 1892 stage farce of the same name by Brandon Thomas. It remained one of Benny's personal favourites among his own films. [2] [3] [4]



In 1890, two students at Oxford force their rascally friend and fellow student to pose as an aunt from Brazil—where the nuts come from.



Box office

The film was the 8th most popular movie at the US box office in 1941. [5]

It earned a profit of $772,800. [1]


The film was promoted on The Jell-o Program, the name for Benny's radio show at the time. The plot of the 18 May 1941 episode sees the cast visit Jack "on-set". One gag sees Benny's contract require him to feed Darryl F. Zanuck's horse.

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