Slightly Used

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Slightly Used
Directed by Archie Mayo
Screenplay by C. Graham Baker
Jack Jarmuth
Story by Darryl F. Zanuck
Starring May McAvoy
Conrad Nagel
Robert Agnew
Audrey Ferris
Anders Randolf
Eugenie Besserer
Cinematography Hal Mohr
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
  • September 3, 1927 (1927-09-03)
Running time
70 minutes
CountryUnited States

Slightly Used is a 1927 American comedy film directed by Archie Mayo and written by C. Graham Baker and Jack Jarmuth. The film stars May McAvoy, Conrad Nagel, Robert Agnew, Audrey Ferris, Anders Randolf and Eugenie Besserer. The film was released by Warner Bros. on September 3, 1927. [1] [2] [3]



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May McAvoy Film actress

May McAvoy was an American actress who worked mainly during the silent-film era. Some of her major roles are Laura Pennington in The Enchanted Cottage, Esther in Ben-Hur, and Mary Dale in The Jazz Singer.

Conrad Nagel American actor

Conrad Nagel was an American film, stage, television and radio actor. He was considered a famous matinée idol and leading man of the 1920s and 1930s. He was given an Academy Honorary Award in 1940 and three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960.

Eugenie Besserer actress (1868-1934)

Eugenie Besserer was an American actress who starred in silent films and features of the early sound motion-picture era, beginning in 1910. Her most prominent role is that of the title character's mother in the first talkie film, The Jazz Singer.

Audrey Ferris American actress

Audrey Ferris was an American film actress of the silent film era of the late 1920s and into the early 1930s.

<i>The Silent Flyer</i> 1926 film

The Silent Flyer is a 1926 10-episode (chapter) American adventure film serial directed by William James Craft. The film serial was sold to Universal Pictures for $75,000 with the resulting funds used in the founding of Mascot Pictures.

<i>The Kiss</i> (1929 film) 1929 film by Jacques Feyder

The Kiss is a 1929 American silent drama film directed by Jacques Feyder and starring Greta Garbo, Conrad Nagel and Lew Ayres in his first feature film. Based on a short story by George M. Saville, The Kiss bears the same title as the 1896 short that "shocked" the American public by being the first motion picture to depict a couple kissing. This 1929 production is notable itself for being the last major silent film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and the final silent performances by both Garbo and Conrad Nagel included the entire cast. Actually, this film is not entirely silent. MGM did take partial advantage of the new sound technology and released The Kiss with an orchestral score and sound effects recorded by the Movietone system.

<i>Women They Talk About</i> 1928 film by Lloyd Bacon

Women They Talk About is a 1928 American comedy drama film directed by Lloyd Bacon and starring Irene Rich and Audrey Ferris. It was a part-talkie Vitaphone film with talking, music, and sound effects sequences and produced and distributed by Warner Bros. It is considered to be a lost film.

<i>The Crimson City</i> 1928 film by Archie Mayo

The Crimson City (1928) is an American silent drama film produced by Warner Bros. written by Anthony Coldeway and directed by Archie Mayo. Actors include Myrna Loy, Anna May Wong, Sōjin Kamiyama, John Miljan, Leila Hyams and Richard Tucker. The film was released with a Vitaphone soundtrack with a music score and sound effects. The film was released by Warner Brothers Pictures on 7 April 1928.

<i>The College Widow</i> (1927 film) 1927 film

The College Widow is a 1927 American silent comedy film produced and distributed by Warner Bros. and directed by Archie Mayo. The film is based on the 1904 Broadway play of the same name by George Ade and was previously adapted to film in 1915 with Ethel Clayton. The 1927 silent film version is a starring vehicle for Dolores Costello.

<i>Grumpy</i> (1923 film) 1923 film by William C. deMille

Grumpy is a 1923 American silent comedy drama film distributed by Paramount Pictures. It is based on a 1913 Broadway play Grumpy by Horace Hodges and Thomas Wigney Percyval and starred English actor Cyril Maude. The director of this film is William C. deMille, brother of Cecil, and the star is Theodore Roberts. This film was remade by Paramount as an early sound film for Cyril Maude reprising his Broadway role. This silent version was thought to be long lost but a copy has been discovered in the Gosfilmofond Archive in Moscow, Russia.

<i>State Street Sadie</i> 1928 film by Archie Mayo

State Street Sadie is a 1928 American crime drama film directed by Archie Mayo, and released as a silent film with talking sequences using Warner Bros.' Vitaphone sound-on-disc process. This is regarded as a lost film.

A Reno Divorce was a 1927 American silent romantic drama film produced and distributed by Warner Bros., Ralph Graves wrote, directed and stars in this film which was the last of the five films he ever directed. The film is now considered lost. Vitaphone discs survive.

<i>The Lion and the Mouse</i> (1919 film) 1919 film by Tom Terriss

The Lion and the Mouse is a lost 1919 American silent drama film produced and released by the Vitagraph Company of America. It was directed by Tom Terriss and based on the famous Charles Klein play. Alice Joyce starred in the film.

<i>The Gift Supreme</i> 1920 film

The Gift Supreme is a 1920 American silent drama film starring Bernard Durning, Seena Owen, and Tully Marshall The film was written and directed by Ollie Sellers and based on the 1916 novel of the same name by George Allan England. The supporting cast includes Melbourne MacDowell, Eugenie Besserer, Jack Curtis, Anna Dodge, Claire McDowell and Lon Chaney in a villainous bit role.

<i>Only 38</i> 1923 film by William C. deMille

Only 38 is a lost 1923 American drama silent film directed by William C. deMille and written by Clara Beranger, Walter Prichard Eaton and A.E. Thomas. The film stars May McAvoy, Lois Wilson, Elliott Dexter, George Fawcett, Robert Agnew and Jane Keckley. The film was released on June 17, 1923, by Paramount Pictures.

Powder My Back is a 1928 silent film comedy directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Irene Rich. It was produced and distributed by Warner Bros. who released it with a Vitaphone music and sound effects track.

<i>Her Reputation</i> (1923 film) 1923 film

Her Reputation is a 1923 silent film drama directed by John Griffith Wray and starring May McAvoy. It was produced by Thomas H. Ince and released through Associated First National.

The Happy Warrior is a 1925 American silent drama film directed by J. Stuart Blackton and starring Malcolm McGregor, Alice Calhoun and Mary Alden. The story had previously been turned into a 1917 British film of the same title.

The Rosary is a 1922 American drama film directed by Jerome Storm and written by Bernard McConville. It is based on the 1910 play The Rosary by Edward Everett Rose. The film stars Lewis Stone, Jane Novak, Wallace Beery, Robert Gordon, Eugenie Besserer and Dore Davidson. The film was released on January 16, 1922, by Associated First National Pictures.


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