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Journalists and contributing editors writing in the newsroom of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, photographed by Conrad Poirier (Montreal, 1944). CBC journalists in Montreal.jpg
Journalists and contributing editors writing in the newsroom of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, photographed by Conrad Poirier (Montréal, 1944).

A contributing editor is a newspaper, magazine or online job title that varies in its responsibilities. Often, but not always, a contributing editor is a "high-end" freelancer, consultant, or expert who has proven ability and has readership draw. [1] This contributing editor would regularly contribute articles to the publication but does not always edit articles. Here the title "editor" implies a certain level of prestige rather than a more traditional editing role. In other instances, however, a contributing editor may oversee projects or specific aspects of a publication and have more regular editing duties. At smaller magazines, the title can imply a staff member with regular writing responsibility and some editorial duties. When a "contributing editor" is listed on the title page of a book, the term generally designates a person who has served as some kind of consultant in the book's preparation but who is not responsible for the book's final content.


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In 2011, a contributing editor's salary often ranged from $40,000 to $60,000 per year. [2] Salaries vary depending on the company overseeing the project and the size of the project.

Job responsibilities and skills

A contributing editor's responsibilities may include, but are not confined to, the following: developing content for articles, meeting deadlines, reviewing articles, solicited or unsolicited, editing grammar and content to ensure quality readership, attending conferences to develop editing skills, and exchanging ideas with others. [3] Proof of previous publication is encouraged when seeking a job in this field to establish one's credibility. [4]

If a media source is looking to hire a contributing editor, one may expect to see the following list of skills necessary to be considered for the job: [5]

NOTE: This role can mean different things depending on the work environment but requires a tedious eye and lots of time nonetheless.

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