David Lee (archdeacon of Bradford)

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David Lee
Archdeacon of Bradford
In office
Church of England titles
Preceded by Archdeacon of Bradford
Succeeded by

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Nick Baines (bishop) British Anglican bishop

Nicholas Baines is a British Anglican bishop. He has been the Bishop of Leeds since 8 June 2014. He is a former Bishop of Bradford, the diocesan bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Bradford.

Tom Butler (bishop) British retired Anglican bishop

Thomas Frederick Butler is a British retired Anglican bishop. He was the ninth Anglican Bishop of Southwark. He was enthroned in Southwark Cathedral on 12 September 1998. He retired from this position on 5 March 2010. In 2014, Butler was involved in the transition process for the new Diocese of Leeds as "mentor bishop"; he remains an honorary assistant bishop of that diocese.

John Green, is a Church of England priest and former Royal Navy chaplain. He was Chaplain of the Fleet, Director General of the Naval Chaplaincy Service and Archdeacon for the Royal Navy from 2006 to 2010. He was Archdeacon Pastor in the Diocese of Coventry from 2012 until his retirement in 2017.

Michael John Colclough is a retired British Anglican bishop. He served as area Bishop of Kensington in the Diocese of London (1996–2008) then Canon Pastor of St Paul's Cathedral, London (2008–2013).

David James Smith is a retired Anglican bishop of the Church of England.

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Alan Gregory Clayton Smith is a British Anglican bishop. Since 2009, he has been the Bishop of St Albans. From 2001 to 2009, he served as the area Bishop of Shrewsbury.

Colin Ogilvie Buchanan is a British retired Anglican bishop and academic who specialised in liturgy. He served as the Principal of St John's College, Nottingham (1979–1985), the Bishop of Aston (1985–1989), and the Bishop of Woolwich (1996–2004).

Michael Humphrey Dickens Whinney was a Church of England bishop who served in two episcopal posts; he was also a great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens.

Peter St George Vaughan was the area Bishop of Ramsbury from 1989 to 1998.

Barry Rogerson

Barry Rogerson was the first Bishop of Wolverhampton from 1979 to 1985 and, from then until his retirement in 2002, the Bishop of Bristol.He holds Honorary degrees from Bristol & the West of England Universities. He was made a Freeman of the City and County of Bristol in 2003.

Patrick Burnet Harris was a Church of England bishop who served in two episcopal positions.

Christopher Charles Luxmoore was the eighth Bishop of Bermuda.

Derek Alec Rawcliffe OBE was an English Anglican bishop and author. He served as the Bishop of the New Hebrides and the Scottish Episcopal Church's Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway.

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Jonathan Desmond Francis Greener is a British Anglican priest. He was Dean of Wakefield and presiding dean of the Diocese of Leeds. He became Dean of Exeter on 26 November 2017.

Hugh Kyle McCurdy is a priest in the Church of England and the current Archdeacon of Huntingdon and Wisbech

Anglican Diocese of Leeds Diocese of the Church of England

The Anglican Diocese of Leeds is a diocese of the Church of England, in the Province of York. It is the largest diocese in England by area, comprising much of western Yorkshire: almost the whole of West Yorkshire, the western part of North Yorkshire, the town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, and most of the parts of County Durham, Cumbria and Lancashire which lie within the historic boundaries of Yorkshire. It includes the cities of Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and Ripon. It was created on 20 April 2014 following a review of the dioceses in Yorkshire and the dissolution of the dioceses of Bradford, Ripon and Leeds, and Wakefield.

The Venerable Paul Colin Hackwood is a priest in the Church of England and currently a Canon Residentiary at Leicester Cathedral.

The Venerable Canon Guy Alexander Wilkinson is an Anglican priest who was Archdeacon of Bradford from 1999 to 2004.

Paul John Slater is an Anglican bishop. Since 2018, he has been the Bishop of Kirkstall, a suffragan bishop in the Diocese of Leeds. He was Archdeacon of Craven from 2005 to April 2014, Archdeacon of Richmond and Craven from April 2014 to July 2015, and Bishop of Richmond from 2015 until his title changed in 2018.

Hayward John Osborne is a retired British Anglican priest. He was the Archdeacon of Birmingham from 2001 until his 2018 retirement. He was previously a parish priest in the Diocese of Rochester, the Diocese of Worcester, and the Diocese of Birmingham.