Ensign (band)

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Origin New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active1995–present
Labels Indecision
Join The Team Player
Website Ensign at Indecision Records
MembersTim Shaw
Dan Brennan
Nate Gluck
Derek Reilly
Corey Perez
Past membersFrank Piegaro
Brian ”Pnut” Kozuch
Walt Svekla
Ryan Murphy
Michael Gall
Chris Ross
John Fraunberger
Ryan "Mackenzie" Donoghue
John "Vince Vegas" O'Neill
Chris Oliver
Chris Byrnes
Graham Gardener

Ensign is an American hardcore punk band from New Jersey, United States. It was formed in 1995 and signed to Indecision Records in 1996. They signed to the larger label "next door", Dexter Holland's Nitro Records in 1998 and finally came to rest at Blackout Records in 2003 after a brief sortie back to Indecision in 2000.



The beginning 1995

The band was formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey by Chris Ross (drums), Walt Svekla (bass) and John Fraunberger (guitar) in 1995 and self-produced a demo. In the search for a new vocalist, they found Tim Shaw who was a roadie with Sick Of It All, a band in the New York Hardcore scene.

Indecision years 1996 1998

The band went to California and signed for Indecision Records and in May, 1996 released a self-titled 7" four track EP. After this, Walt Svelka and Chris Ross departed and were replaced by Nate "Edge" Gluck (ex-Strength 691, Vision) and Ryan Murphy (ex-Undertow) respectively. In mid-1997, Fall from Grace , another four track 7" EP, was released. John Fraunberger then left the band to take up a teaching degree, but not before recording material for the first full-length album, Direction of Things to Come which came out in November, 1997. Fraunberger was replaced on guitar by Ryan "Mackenzie" Donoghue as the band took to the road. In 1998, the band decided to cast their net further and sign for Nitro Records which had a larger distribution network. Also in 1998, three live tracks appeared on an Indecision Records 7" Devil's Night, with other artists from the label the remainder of the live set would later feature on the Three Years Two Months Eleven Days album. [1]

Nitro years 1998 2002

Although the band had switched labels, they retained the services of the same recording studio (Trax East, South River, New Jersey) and the same producer (Steve Evetts) as their debut on Indecision for the next full-length outing, Cast the First Stone released in March, 1999. While on tour in Ireland, Ryan Murphy decided to leave the band and was replaced by John "Vince Vegas" O'Neill. Before touring Europe in 2000, Ryan Donoghue left the band which, although was on very good terms, left the band with a situation. Nate solved it by employing Chris Oliver for bass duties on the tour (teaching him along the way) while taking up the guitar duties himself.

Back at Indecision April 2000

In April, 2000, Indecision Records released a retrospective album of Ensign material, entitled Three Years Two Months Eleven Days - the precise amount of time the band had spent on the label. It consisted of the first 7" plus three tracks from the same recording session, the Fall from Grace 7" plus two more from the same session, two otherwise unreleased tracks, two tracks from just after the release of Direction of Things to Come sessions and, finally, six tracks recorded live in 1998 at the Showcase Theater in Corona, California three of which had previously appeared on the Indecision Records 7" Devil's Night.

Nitro/Indecision 2000

In June, 2000, the band recorded four tracks in New York for an EP called For What It's Worth which was released in October 2000. They also recorded two tracks which would end up on a Split 7" EP with Death By Stereo released by Indecision Records in December 2000, and a further two tracks which were released on a split 7" with Reaching Forward on European label, Reflections Records. [2]

Nitro years (continued)

In November 2000, the band entered the studio to start recording their third full-length release, The Price of Progression . Chris Byrnes came in December to add some second guitar parts as Nate was performing on bass and guitar, as well as the usual backing vocals. Chris Oliver had played bass on the initial takes as a favor to Nate, and continued to play for a while after. The band were also joined on vocals for guest spots by Russ Rankin of Good Riddance and Andy West of Kill Your Idols. The record was finally released in April, 2001. Also, in February 2001, Indecision Records re-released their split 7" with Death By Stereo on CD as part of their Split Series compilation.

In 2002, they headed out on a Canadian tour supporting metalcore band, Hatebreed. A tour of Europe with Avail followed in 2003.

Blackout years 2003 to present

The band found a regular guitarist in Frank Piegaro in 2002, while John O'Neill had been replaced by Brian "Pnut" Kozuch in 2001. They took to a studio in Hoboken, New Jersey and in seven days recorded twenty cover versions of artists such as Bad Brains, Descendents, Dag Nasty, Hüsker Dü, Misfits and Discharge, all seminal punk bands who had influenced members of Ensign in their formative years. The record was released in October, 2003, on Blackout Records they had agreed to do this for label owner, Bill "Blackout" Wilson, with Tim Shaw having worked with and for him during the early Indecision Records days and it was called Love the Music, Hate the Kids . In Europe, it was released by German label, JoinTheTeamPlayer.

Ensign in the United Kingdom

In November 2003, UK-based record label, Household Name released a split EP with Ensign and Leeds, UK based hardcore band Fig 4.0. It featured three tracks from Ensign: "A Place", "Circa 1985" and "Three Can Keep A Secret" and was limited to 500 releases on 7" vinyl.


Previous members

Temporary members

The following people are credited as playing with the band temporarily [3]


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<i>Direction of Things to Come</i> 1997 studio album by Ensign

Direction of Things to Come was the debut full-length album from New Jersey, U.S. hardcore punk band Ensign. It was released on Indecision Records in November, 1997 and it followed two 7" vinyl EPs. As well as being released on CD, Indecision Records continued their tradition of making limited edition vinyl production runs and this release appeared on 3403 black, 515 grey and 400 purple discs, the latter released to coincide with a European tour, with a different cover.

<i>Cast the First Stone</i> (Ensign album) 1999 studio album by Ensign

Cast the First Stone was the second full-length album by New Jersey, U.S. band Ensign. It was released by Nitro Records in March, 1999 and follows the band's debut, Direction of Things to Come which came out on Indecision Records in November, 1997.

<i>The Price of Progression</i> (Ensign album) 2001 studio album by Ensign

The Price of Progression is the third full-length album from New Jersey, U.S. band Ensign. It follows on from the 1999 release of Cast the First Stone and was recorded in November - December 2000 for an April 2001 release on Indecision Records.

<i>Love the Music, Hate the Kids</i> 2003 studio album by Ensign

Love the Music, Hate The Kids is New Jersey, USA, hardcore punk band Ensign's fourth full-length album. It is an album of cover versions of seminal hardcore punk songs from the early-1980s to mid-1990s. It was recorded in seven days and released in October 2003. It was the band's first album for Blackout Records after switching from Nitro Records after the release of The Price of Progression in 2001.

<i>Three Years Two Months Eleven Days</i> 2000 compilation album by Ensign

Three Years Two Months Eleven Days was an album of early material, often referred to as a retrospective, by the New Jersey, U.S. band, Ensign. Recorded in various sessions between January, 1996 and July, 1998 – including a live recording – and with varying members, it was released by the band's first record label, Indecision Records in April, 2000.

<i>Ensign</i> (EP) 1996 EP by Ensign

Ensign's self-titled 7" EP was their first release on Orange County, California record label, Indecision Records. It was released in May, 1996 on 7" vinyl only. The production run was limited to 3336 on black vinyl, 330 on grey, 449 on blue and a further 100 on black vinyl with a different cover to coincide with a European tour. This was in line with Indecision Records tradition of putting out releases by new bands on colored and normal vinyl and was carried through to their next release, the Fall from Grace (EP). It was later re-released on CD as part of a retrospective compilation, Three Years Two Months Eleven Days, in April 2000 after the band had left to join Nitro Records in 1998.

<i>Fall from Grace</i> (EP) 1997 EP by Ensign

Ensign's second 7" EP for Orange County, California record label, Indecision Records, followed their self-titled 7" debut from May, 1996. It was released in June, 1997 on 7" vinyl only. The production run was limited to 4239 on black vinyl, 600 green, 225 white, 106 orange and a further 100 on black vinyl with a different cover to coincide with a European tour. This was inline with Indecision Records tradition of putting out releases by new bands on colored and normal vinyl and was carried through to their next release, Direction of Things to Come. It was later re-released on CD as part of a retrospective compilation, Three Years Two Months Eleven Days, in April 2000 after the band had left to join Nitro Records in 1998.

<i>Death by Stereo/Ensign</i> 2000 EP by Death by Stereo/Ensign

The Death by Stereo/Ensign Split 7" EP was released by Indecision Records in December, 2000. It was an interesting release because both bands had left the label. Ensign in 1998 to go to Nitro Records, and Death by Stereo to go to Epitaph Records. At the time, Death by Stereo were recording material for their new studio release, Day of the Death, and Ensign were in New York City producing an EP for Nitro Records, For What It's Worth. They both agreed to record extra tracks for release by the label which had arguably launched their careers.

<i>For What Its Worth</i> (EP) 2000 EP by Ensign

For What It's Worth is an EP by New Jersey hardcore punk band, Ensign. It was released in October, 2000 by Nitro Records and was the band's second release for the label following their first full-length album after leaving Indecision Records, Cast the First Stone. It was recorded in June, 2000 in New York City and at the same time the band produced two further tracks which appeared on the Death By Stereo/Ensign Split 7" (EP) on Indecision Records in December, 2000. The track, "Cast In Shadows" was later re-recorded and appeared on their next album for Nitro Records, The Price of Progression. Another track, "Left Hand Syndrome", was destined for the same release, according to the inlay details, but eventually was omitted.

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