Island (1989 film)

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Island (1989 film).jpg
Directed by Paul Cox
Written byPaul Cox
Starring Irene Papas
Eve Sitta
Anoja Weerasinghe
Chris Haywood
Illumination Films
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
95 minutes
BudgetA$2 million [1]
Box officeA$114,764 (Australia) [2]

Island is a 1989 Australian film directed by Paul Cox starring Irene Papas as Marquise.


It is not to be confused with the 1975 short film of the same title also made by Cox.


A Czech-born woman arrives on a Greek island having fled Australia to sort out her problems. She becomes friends with a deaf mute and two other women, a Sri Lankan abandoned by her husband and an older Greek woman. [3]


The film was shot on a Greek island in 1988. It was plagued with money shortages during production, making the shoot extremely difficult. [4]


Irene Papas was nominated in 1989 for Best Actress in her role for the Australian Film Institute.

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