Kostas (film)

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Directed by Paul Cox
Written by Linda Aronson
Based onoriginal concept by Paul Cox
Produced byKostas Kallergis
  • Takis Emmanuel
  • Wendy Hughes
Edited byJohn Scott
  • Victorian Film Corporation
  • Illumination Films
Distributed byGreg Lynch Film Distributors
Release date
1 June 1979 (premiere)
16 August 1979 (release)
Running time
104 mins (original)
93 mins (release)
BudgetA$224,000 [1]

Kostas is a 1979 film directed by Paul Cox about a Greek taxi driver. [2]



The film was shot over four weeks in March 1979. $100,000 of the budget came from the Victorian Film Corporation. [1]

Post production on the film was rushed so Cox could ready it in time for the Melbourne Film Festival which he now says was a mistake. However it was the best received of all Cox's features to date. [1]

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