List of GTV (Philippine TV network) stations

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The following is a list of television stations that are affiliated with GTV. [1] [2] [3]


Free-to-air television stations

BrandingCallsignCh. #Station TypePower kW (ERP)Location (Transmitter Site)
GTV 27 Manila DWDB-TV TV-27Originating30 kW (120 kW ERP) Metro Manila
GTV 22 Benguet DWDG-TV TV-22Relay10 kW (120 kW ERP) Tuba, Benguet
GTV 27 Ilocos NorteDWHH-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Laoag
GTV 27 TuguegaraoDWHK-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Tuguegarao
GTV 26 AparriDWGP-TVTV-26Relay1 kW Aparri
GTV 26 OlongapoDZRG-TVTV-26Relay1 kW Olongapo
GTV 26 BatangasDZDK-TVTV-26Relay1 kW (30 kW ERP) Batangas City
GTV 26 Occidental MindoroDWHJ-TVTV-26Relay1 kW (12 kW ERP) San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
GTV 27 Puerto PrincesaDWHI-TVTV-27Relay10 kW Puerto Princesa
GTV 28 Naga DZDP-TV TV-28Relay10 kW (120 kW ERP) Naga, Camarines Sur
GTV 27 LegazpiDWJB-TVTV-27Relay10 kW (120 kW ERP) Legazpi, Albay
GTV 27 MasbateDWHL-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Mobo, Masbate
GTV 27 KaliboDYBL-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Kalibo
GTV 27 RoxasDYBK-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Roxas, Capiz
GTV 28 IloiloDYKV-TVTV-28Relay10 kW (120 kW ERP) Iloilo City
GTV 28 Dumaguete DYBM-TV TV-28Relay10 kW (258.44 kW ERP) Dumaguete
GTV 27 Cebu DYLS-TV TV-27Relay10 kW (113.4 kW ERP) Cebu City
GTV 26 TaclobanDYBJ-TVTV-26Relay1 kW Tacloban
GTV 21 Zamboanga DXVB-TV TV-21Relay10 kW (120 kW ERP) Zamboanga City
GTV 26 Dipolog DXAV-TV TV-26Relay1 kW (11 kW ERP) Dipolog
GTV 26 PagadianDXAU-TVTV-26Relay1 kW (11 kW ERP) Pagadian
GTV 22 OzamizDXAT-TVTV-22Relay1 kW Ozamiz
GTV 27 Davao DXRA-TV TV-27Relay10 kW (113.4 kW ERP) Davao City
GTV 26 General SantosDXMP-TVTV-26Relay5 kW General Santos
GTV 27 CotabatoDXMB-TVTV-27Relay1 kW (11 kW ERP) Cotabato City
GTV 27 SurigaoDXAW-TVTV-27Relay1 kW Surigao City
GTV 26 JoloDXGP-TVTV-26Relay1 kW Jolo, Sulu

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Broadcast law is the field of law that pertains to broadcasting. These laws and regulations pertain to radio stations and TV stations, and are also considered to include closely related services like cable TV and cable radio, as well as satellite TV and satellite radio. Likewise, it also extends to broadcast networks.

Philippine Broadcasting Service Philippine state-owned radio network

Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS), also known by its government agency Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS), is a state radio network in the Philippines. It is owned by the Philippine government under the Presidential Communications Operations Office. PBS operates national radio brands: Radyo Pilipinas 1, Radyo Pilipinas 2, Radyo Magasin, Republika FM1 and Capital FM2, as well as international station Radyo Pilipinas Worldwide. PBS, along with its television network counterpart People's Television Network and sister media companies Radio Philippines Network (minority-owned) and Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation, which forms the media arm of the PCOO.

Apollo Broadcast Investors, Inc. is a broadcast media company. Its head offices are located at Unit 1703, Cityland 10, Tower 1, H.V. De la Costa St., Makati. Apollo Broadcast owns and represents 2 radio companies: GV Radios Network Corporation, which operates its flagship stations GVAM 792 and GVFM 99.1 in Pampanga; and Allied Broadcasting Center. It also owns Pinoy Xtreme Channel, a 24-hour sports and entertainment channel.

ACWS-United Broadcasting Network is a broadcast media company in the Philippines. It owns several radio stations in areas, as well as its focus on the Multipoint Video Distribution System (MVDS) for wireless broadcast distribution.

DYCL-TV (TV-10) is a commercial television station owned by GMA Network Inc.. Its transmitter are located at Basper, Tigbao, Tacloban City. This station serves as a relay station of DYSS-TV Cebu City, under the Central Visayas sub-region for the network's Central and Eastern Visayas region. Opened in 1987 for soft launch, it is the first regional television station in the Eastern Visayas until it became a relay station in 1999.

DYHT Radio station in the Philippines

DYHT, on-air as 94.3 iFM, is a radio station owned and operated by the Radio Mindanao Network. The station's studio and transmitter are located at the RMN Broadcast Center, 17th, Lacson St., Bacolod.

Information Broadcast Unlimited

Information Broadcast Unlimited, Inc. (IBU), is a privately owned Philippine radio and television network based in Angeles City in Pampanga. IBU also known as DZCL-TV was assigned to Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Channel 38 in Pampanga and provisional authority in other provinces in the Philippines.

Radio Maria Philippines is the Philippine radio division of The World Family of Radio Maria. The station's main studio is located at Sunrise Subd., Brgy. Maliwalo, Tarlac City, with broadcasts heard along various areas in Northern and Central Luzon.

DXFL Radio station in Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines

DXFLFirst Love Radio is a radio station owned and operated by First Love Broadcasting Network. The studio's studios and transmitter are located along Rizal Ave., Dipolog.

DWTR-TV is a commercial relay television station owned and operated by GMA Network Inc.. Its transmitter is located at Triple Peak, Sta. Maria, Tablas, Romblon.

DYAA-TV Television station in Brookes Point, Palawan

DYAA-TV is a commercial television station owned by GMA Network Inc.. Its transmitter is located at Brgy. Poblacion, Brooke's Point, Palawan.

DWRF-TV is a commercial television station owned by GMA Network Inc.. Its transmitter is located at Taplas Hill, Coron, Palawan.


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