List of plants known as lily

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Lily usually refers to herbaceous plants of the genus Lilium , with large showy trumpet-shaped flowers. Many species are cultivated as ornamentals.

Many other plants not closely related to lilies are called lilies, usually because their flowers resemble lilies. They include:-

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The Koninklijke Algemeene Vereniging voor Bloembollencultuur, translated from Dutch as the Royal General Association for Bulb Culture, but more commonly known world-wide by the acronym of KAVB, is a trade association for the bulb horticulture sector, and was established in 1860. The association has a rural organization, within which regional groups and departments are active.

Ornamental bulbous plant

Ornamental bulbous plants, often called ornamental bulbs or just bulbs in gardening and horticulture, are herbaceous perennials grown for ornamental purposes, which have underground or near ground storage organs. Botanists distinguish between true bulbs, corms, rhizomes, tubers and tuberous roots, any of which may be termed "bulbs" in horticulture. Bulb species usually lose their upper parts during adverse conditions such as summer drought and heat or winter cold. The bulb's storage organs contain moisture and nutrients that are used to survive these adverse conditions in a dormant state. When conditions become favourable the reserves sustain a new growth cycle. In addition, bulbs permit vegetative or asexual multiplication in these species. Ornamental bulbs are used in parks and gardens and as cut flowers.

Bronte House

Bronte House is a heritage-listed historic house and visitor attraction located at 470 Bronte Road, Bronte, Waverley Municipality, New South Wales, Australia. Built in the Australian Gothic Revival style, the house was designed by Georgiana & Robert Lowe and Mortimer Lewis and built from 1843 to 1845. It is also known as Bronte estate. The property is owned by Waverley Municipal Council and was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999 and is listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Blue lily List of plants with the same or similar names

Blue lily may refer to the following plant species: