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Luciano Tovoli
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Tovoli at the Manaki Brothers Film Festival in Bitola, North Macedonia, September 2012
Born (1936-10-30) 30 October 1936 (age 87)
Nationality Italian
Years active1961–present

Luciano Tovoli ASC AIC [1] (Italian pronunciation: [luˈtʃaːnoˈtoːvoli] ; born 30 October 1936) is an Italian cinematographer and filmmaker. With a career spanning over five decades, he is considered one of Italy's premier cinematographers, collaborating with numerous acclaimed filmmakers such as Michelangelo Antonioni, Francis Veber, Dario Argento, Ettore Scola, Andrei Tarkovsky, and Julie Taymor. [2] [3]


Films that Tovoli has photographed include The Passenger (1975), Suspiria (1977), Titus (1999). [4] [5] He has been a longtime collaborator of Barbet Schroeder, having worked with the Iranian-born filmmaker's Reversal of Fortune (1990), Single White Female (1992), Before and After (1996), Murder by Numbers (2002), and Inju: The Beast in the Shadow (2008). [6] He is a member of the American, Italian Society of Cinematographers, and an honorary member of the Swedish Society of Cinematographers and the European Federation of Cinematographers. [7] [8]

In 1983, Tovoli directed and cowrote Il Generale dell'armata morte based on a novel by Ismail Kadare, starring Marcello Mastroianni and Anouk Aimée.



1968 Something Like Love Enzo Muzii Nominated - Nastro d'Argento for Best Cinematography
1969The UninvitedVittorio De Seta
Four Came to Kill Sartana Demofilo Fidani


1970Rose Spot Enzo Muzii
Tulips of Haarlem Franco Brusati
1971 Io non spezzo... rompo Bruno Corbucci
Down with Your Hands... You Scum! Demofilo Fidani Co-cinematographer with Franco Villa
1972 We Won't Grow Old Together Maurice Pialat
Chung Kuo, Cina Michelangelo Antonioni
La vita in gioco Gianfranco Mingozzi
1973 Dirty Weekend Dino Risi
Bread and Chocolate Franco Brusati
1974 The Peaceful Age Fabio Carpi
1975 Mistress of the Devil Juan Luis Buñuel
L'altro Dio Elio Bartolini
The Passenger Michelangelo Antonioni Won - Nastro d'Argento for Best Cinematography
Weak Spot Peter Fleischmann
The Sunday Woman Luigi Comencini
Snapshot of a Crime Mario Imperoli
1976 The Last Woman Marco Ferreri
The Desert of the Tartars Valerio Zurlini
1977This Is the NightCarlo Di Carlo
Suspiria Dario Argento
1978Behind Convent Walls Walerian Borowczyk
Noccioline a colazioneMario Orfini
Bye Bye Monkey Marco Ferreri
Where Are You Going on Holiday? Mauro Bolognini Segment: "Sarò tutta per te"


1980 In the Pope's Eye Renzo Arbore
The Mystery of Oberwald Michelangelo Antonioni
1981 Bianco, rosso e Verdone Carlo Verdone
1982 The Roaring Forties Christian de Chalonge
Beyond the Door Liliana Cavani
Tenebrae Dario Argento
1983 Voyage in Time Tonino Guerra
Andrei Tarkovsky
The General of the Dead Army Also director

Nominated - CIFF Gold Hugo for Best Feature

1984 Sweet Body of Bianca Nanni Moretti
1985 Fracchia contro Dracula Neri Parenti
Police Maurice Pialat
La Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding Georges Lautner
1986 Les Fugitifs Francis Veber
1987 Da grande Franco Amurri
1988 Priceless Beauty Charles Finch
1989 Splendor Ettore Scola Nominated - David di Donatello for Best Cinematography
Won - Nastro d'Argento for Best Cinematography
What Time Is It? Nominated - David di Donatello for Best Cinematography
Vanille fraise Gérard Oury


1990 Captain Fracassa's Journey Ettore Scola Won - David di Donatello for Best Cinematography
Reversal of Fortune Barbet Schroeder Nominated - Nastro d'Argento for Best Cinematography
1992 Jackpot Mario Orfini
Single White Female Barbet Schroeder
1993 Mario, Maria and Mario Ettore Scola
1994 Monkey Trouble Franco Amurri
The Teddy Bear Jacques Deray
1995 Kiss of Death Barbet Schroeder
1996 Before and After
Le Jaguar Francis Veber
1998 Desperate Measures Barbet Schroeder
The Dinner Game Francis Veber
1999 Deceit Claudia Florio
Titus Julie Taymor


2001La Regina Degli ScacchiClaudia Florio
The Closet Francis Veber
2002 I Love You Eugenio Francisco José Fernandez
Murder by Numbers Barbet Schroeder
2003 Ruby & Quentin Francis Veber
2007 Hidden Love Alessandro Capone
2008 Inju: The Beast in the Shadow Barbet Schroeder
2009 Oceans Jacques Perrin
Jacques Cluzaud
Co-cinematographer with Philippe Ros, David Reichert, Valérie Le Gurun, René Heuzey,
Laurent Fleutot, Luc Drion, Simon Christidis & Michel Benjamin

Nominated - Cinema Eye Honors Award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography


2010Natale in Sudafrica Neri Parenti
2011Amici miei - Come tutto ebbe inizio
2012 Dracula 3D Dario Argento
2013 How Strange to Be Named Federico Ettore Scola Nominated - Globo d'Oro for Best Cinematography
Won - Special Silver Ribbon Award
2015 Amnesia Barbet Schroeder
2016Un Juif pour l'exemple Jacob Berger
2017False Confessions Luc Bondy
Marie-Louise Bischofberger
Il padre di mia figliaCarloalberto Biazzi Short film

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