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Nalambalam is a set of four Hindu temples in Kerala. In Malayalam, Nalu means "four" and Ambalam means "temple". These are the temples for the Rama and his brothers of Ramayana. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] There are around five sets of Nalambalams in Kerala, the most famous among them being the four temples located in Thrissur and Ernakulam districts, namely Thriprayar Sree Rama Temple, Koodalmanikyam Bharatha Temple, Moozhikkulam Lakshmana Temple and Payyammal Shathrughna Temple.


Nalambalam Yatra

Nalambalam Yatra begins from the Rama temple in Triprayar and ends up at Shatrughna Temple in Payyammal. It is customary to visit the four temples in the order Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna respectively. A pilgrimage to these temples on a single day during the holy month of Karkkidakam believed to shower blessings and ensure prosperity. Starting from Thriprayar reaching Payammel through Koodalmanikyam and Moozhikulam, ending back at Thriprayar is the custom of pilgrimage.

Thriprayar Sreerama Temple

Thriprayar Temple houses a 6 ft tall idol of the Lord, holding Shankha, Sudarsanachakra, Stick and Garland, in a very ferocious form facing east. He is seen in standing posture. Vedi Vazhipadu and Meenoottu are the main offerings. The temple is under the control of Cochin Devaswom Board, an autonomous body.

This temple observes Sethubandhanam 'in every year in "Thiruvonam" day of Malayalam month "Kanni". The only place in earth where Sethubandhanam occurs every year, in memory of those in Ramayana, is at Sree Raman Chira Chemmappilly. Chemmappilly is a nearby place to Thriprayar, two kilometres apart from the temple. Whole arrangements are done by Thriprayar Devaswam. The temple is closed early after performing "Deeparadhana" and "Athazhapooja" (Evening and night poojas). At a time the early closing of Sreeramaswamy Temple is done only in two occasions in a year. One is for "Sreeraman chirakettu" (i.e., .Sethubandhanam) and another is "Arattupuzha Devamela".

Thriprayar is in the middle of Guruvayoor – Kodungallore route . Those who want to come via Trichur should reach Cherpu and proceed west wards to reach the east nada of the temple . Here is the famous Rama temple. This is the first temple to visit as part of Nalambalam Pilgrimage. Darshan is possible from 3am – 12.30pm and 5pm to 8:30pm . Meenuttu and Vedi are important Vazipadu.

Koodalmanikyam Temple, Irinjalakuda

Koodalmanikyam Temple is one among the rare temples in India dedicated to the worship of Bharata, the second brother of Rama. Koodalmanikyam Temple houses another 6 ft tall idol of the Lord, seen in ferocious form, facing east, in standing posture holding the same things as seen at Triprayar. This is one of the rare temples where only one idol is there. The temple has a private devaswom.

This is a unique Vaishnava Temple and the second temple to visit. From Triprayar proceed in the Kodungallore route and divert from Edamuttam or Moonnupeedika. Irinjalakuda is about 20 km away from Triprayar. Darshan is possible from 3am – 12 noon, and 5pm to 8pm . Important Vazhipatus are Thamaramala, Brinjal Nivedyam, Vedi, Gheelamp, Meeunttu.

Moozhikkulam Sree Lakshmana Perumal Temple

Thirumoozhikkulam Lakshmana Perumal Temple is the only temple in Ernakulam District, and the only one among the four temples, which belong to the 108 Divya Desams, praised by Azhwars. The temple houses another 6 ft tall idol, similar to the idol at Triprayar, holding Shankha, Sudarsana chakra, Mace and Lotus, in standing posture, facing east.

Moozhikkulam Temple is the third temple to visit and is dedicated to Lakshmana. This is in Ernakulam District near to famous Annamanada Mahadeva temple proceed alongs Vellankallore in Irinjalakuda route to Kodungallore and reach Mala, Annamanada and then Muzhikkulam . Darshan is possible from 4 to 11.00 and 5 to 8 .

Payammal Sree Shathruknha swaamee Temple

Payammal Sree Shathruknha swaamee Temple is the smallest temple, having the smallest idol, also similar to that at Triprayar. This is the last temple to visit. Reach Vellangallore and proceed west wards 4 km to reach Aripalam. Take right turn and reach the temple. Important Vazhipadu is Sudarshanan dedication. Darshan time is 5:00 AM to 10:30 AM and 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. During the month of Karkidakam alone the darshan timings are changed to 5:00 AM to 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM to 8:00 PM.

How to reach

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Route Map


By Road: Triprayar is freely accessible by road from Thrissur(25 km) and Guruvayoor.(24) By Rail: Thrissur.(25) Guruvayoor.(24) ByAir: Kochi 60 km.


By Road: Irinjalakuda is freely accessible by road from Thrissur(22 km) By Rail:Irinjalakuda( 9 km) By Air: Kochi 46 km


By Road:Near Angamaly in Ernakulam district. The temple is around 50 km south of Thrissur town. By Rail: Angamali-8.7 km By Air: Kochi15km


By Road: 8 km away from Irinjalakuda, 4 km away from Mathilakm. By Rail: Irinjalakuda 15 km By Air: Kochi 45 km

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Ramapuram in Kottayam district, Kerala is another place where temples of all four brothers are situated. The four temples of central Kerala, thronged by Hindu devotees during the holy month of Karkitakam are centred round Ramapuram, within a distance of three kilometres. They are Ramapuram Sree Ramaswamy Temple, Koodappulam Sree Lakshmanaswamy Temple, Amanakara Sree Bharathaswamy Temple and Methiri Sree Sathrughnaswamy Temple. These temples together are called the Nalambalam.

The deities here are the four sons of King Dasaratha of Ramayana. Lord Ram, the eldest of them is the seventh avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, who is the Supreme God of the Hindus. Bharata, second amongst them, is the avatar of the Panchajanya (Conch held by Vishnu) .Lakshmana is the avatar of the Adisesha, the serpent of infinite measures and on whom Lord Vishnu sleeps in the Ocean of Milk. Shatrughna (the One who is destroyer of enemies) is the twin brother to Lakshamana and the youngest .He is the avatar of the Sudarshana chakra held by Lord Vishnu.

Visiting nalambalam is considered to be a sacred event during the Malayalam month Karkidakam. Nalambalam consists of temples of brothers Sri Rama, Bharatha, Lakshmana & Sathrughnan.

Devotees can get down at main bus stop of Ramapuram and hire a taxi/ autorickshaw to visit all these age old temples. Karkkidaka is the prime month suitable for Nalambala darsanam. For more details please visit

Devotees can book offerings from anywhere in the world to your favorite deity.

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4 Set of Nalambalams in Kerala

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Shatrughna</span> Brother of Rama

Shatrughna is a prince of Ayodhya, and a brother of Prince Rama in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He is also known as Ripudaman. He is the twin of Lakshmana. He is a loyalist of Bharata, just like Lakshmana is to Rama. According to the Valmiki Ramayana, Shatrughna is one aspect of the manifestation of Vishnu (Rama). Shatrughna also appears as the 412th name of Vishnu in the Vishnu Sahasranama of the Mahabharata.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Guruvayur</span> Municipality in Kerala, India

Guruvayur is a municipal temple town in Thrissur District, of Kerala State in India. It is a suburban town of Thrissur city, located 27 kilometres (17 mi) from Thrissur towards the north-west. It houses the Guruvayur Shri Krishna Temple. It is located at a distance of 292 km (181 mi) from the state capital Trivandrum towards the north-west, 80 km (50 mi) from Kochi towards the north, 90 km (56 mi) from Calicut towards south.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Koodalmanikyam Temple</span> Hindu temple in Kerala, India

Koodalmanikyam Temple is a Hindu temple in Irinjalakuda Municipality, Thrissur district, Kerala, India. The temple comprises a main structure, a walled compound with citadels, and four ponds around the main structure one of which is within the walls. Koodalmanikyam Temple is the only ancient temple in India dedicated to the worship of Bharata, the second brother of Rama, however the idol is that of god Vishnu. "Sangameshwara" is another name associated with the deity at Koodalmanikyam. The temple is one of four in Kerala that form a set called "nalambalam", each temple dedicated to one of the four brothers in the epic Ramayana: Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrughna.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Cherpu</span> Town in Kerala, India

Cherpu is a suburb of Thrissur city in the Kerala State of South India. It is 12 kilometres south of Thrissur town and is on the Thriprayar road. It is dotted by a number of temples and has quite a few rivers flowing by its vicinity.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Thrissur district</span> District in Kerala, India

Thrissur, is one of the 14 districts in the Indian state of Kerala. It is situated in the central part the state. Spanning an area of about 3,032 km2 (1,171 sq mi), Thrissur district is home to over 9% of Kerala's population.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Payammal Shatrughna Temple</span> Hindu temple in Kerala, India

Shatrughna Swamy Temple is located in Payammal in Thrissur District of Kerala, India. This is one of the few temples in India that is dedicated to Lord Shatrughna, youngest brother of Lord Rama in the Hindu epic Ramayana. The Shatrughna Temple is the fourth temple which devotees visit when they embark on the Nalambalam yatra or visit. Visiting Nalambalam is considered to be a sacred event during the Malayalam month of Karkidakam.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Thriprayar Temple</span>

Thriprayar Shree Ramaswami Temple is Hindu temple situated in Triprayar in Thrissur district of Kerala state in India. The deity is Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, with four arms bearing a conch, a disc, a bow and a garland. The temple is situated on the bank of river Theevra. The temple deity is the presiding deity of Arattupuzha Pooram. It is believed that the idol here was worshipped by Lord Krishna, another avatar of Lord Vishnu in Dwarka. Along with Lord Rama, there are shrines for Lord Shiva as Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Ganesha, Lord Sastha and Lord Krishna, and there is idolless worship for Lord Hanuman and Lord Chathan. It is the first among the four temples housing the four sons of King Dasharatha, popularly known as Nalambalams, the others being Koodalmanikyam Temple in Irinjalakuda housing Bharata, Thirumuzhikoolam temple housing Lakshmana and Payammal housing Shatrughna in that order. It is believed that worshipping these temples on a single day in the Malayalam month of Karkadakam is very auspicious, and thus many devotees visit these temples. Thriprayar temple used to be owned & administered by the 3 famous Nambudiri families namely Cheloor mana, Janappilly Mana and Punnappilly Mana before it was handed over to the Cochin Devaswom Board. Still, the heads of these three families serve as the Ooralans of the temple and take part in the rituals and festivals in accordance with the customs.

Chevoor is a census town in Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala. Chevvoor, or Chovvur as it is called in the Indian postal department, is 9 km from Thrissur city in the route Thrissur-Irinjalakuda/Kodungallor/Thriprayar. It is a little hillock surrounded by paddy fields. The name Chevvoor could have been derived from the fact that this place was developed, with levelled roads and living areas.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Triprayar</span> Town in Kerala, India

Thriprayar is a town in Thrissur District of Kerala, India. It is famous for the Thriprayar Temple. It is a part of Thrissur Metropolitan Area. It has one of the 4 temples which is visited in Nalambalam Yatra(Rama-Bharta-Lakshmana-Shaturghna).

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ollur</span> Suburb in Thrissur, Kerala, India

Ollur is a major suburban area and an old commercial town in the city of Thrissur of Kerala state, South India. It is about five kilometres (3.1 mi) away from Swaraj Round on old National Highway 47 (India) towards Kochi. From ancient time onwards, Ollur was a major business centre in Thrissur district. Now, this geographical area is part of Thrissur Municipal Corporation. It is situated between Kuriachira and Thalore on the National Highway. However, a specific identity for this geographical region is still there due to the urban setting of this region and its important religious institutions.

Nattika is a small village in Thrissur district of Kerala state, South India. It is centrally located about 25 km from Thrissur, Kodungallur, Irinjalakuda, Chavakkad, Kunnamkulam and Guruvayur. Nattika is beside the Arabian Sea. There is a beach in this village called Nattika Beach. Nattika Beach was previously known as Attakuzhi Bandhar Kadapuram. Nattika is on the west coast of Thrissur. Conolly Canal is the eastern border of Nattika. There is a private bus stand in Thriprayar. Nattika is 60 km away from Cochin International Airport and 25 km away from Thrissur railway station. Modern transportation and better communication facilities are available in the village. This is an assembly constituency.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Vilwadrinatha Temple</span> Hindu temple in Kerala, India

Vilwadrinatha Temple is a Hindu temple located in Thiruvilwamala, Thrissur district of Kerala. Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, and his brother Lord Lakshmana are the main deities of this temple. This is one of the four major temples in Kerala dedicated to Lord Rama, the other three being Thriprayar, Kadavallur and Thiruvangad temples, and also one of the rarest temples in India itself which houses Lord Lakshmana. The temple is situated on the middle of Thiruvilwamala village, on the top of a hill 100 ft above the sea level. Bharathappuzha, the second largest river in Kerala, flows through the northern side around 3 km away from the temple, and as the temple is situated on the top of a hill, the river can be clearly seen from the temple.

Sree Rama temple, Ramapuram is a Hindu temple situated at Ramapuram, between Malappuram and Perinthalmanna in Kerala state, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are shrines for Ganapathi, Sastha and Hanuman too in this temple.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Cheloor</span> Village in Kerala, India

Cheloor is a place in Irinjalakuda municipality, Thrissur district in the Indian state of Kerala. It is around 1 km from the famous Koodalmanikyam Temple.

Chittoor Sree Krishnaswamy Temple, located at South Chittoor in the city of Kochi, Kerala, India, is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is a major temple under the Cochin Devaswom Board. For centuries the temple was closely associated with the Kartha family of Cheranelloor Swaroopam and was later taken over by Rama Varma Maharaja of Cochin Royal Family. It is a classic example of Kerala temple architecture.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Thirumoozhikkulam Lakshmana Perumal Temple</span> Hindu temple in Kerala, India

Thirumoozhikulam Sree Lakshmanaperumal Temple is located in Thirumoozhikalam (Moozhikkulam) in Ernakulam district of Kerala, India. The temple finds mention in some of verses of ancient Tamil Vedam sung by ShriVaishnava Alwars, particularly Nammalvar and Thirumangai Azhwar and classified as Divya Desams, the 108 holy temples revered in the canon. venerated by Sri Vaishnavas. This belongs to one of the 13 Malai Naatu (Kerala/Chera) Divya Desams, the Divyadesams located in Kerla.

Aneswaram Siva temple is at Chemmappilly, the western area of Thrissur District. Its main Deity is Shiva. This was owned by a Namboothiri illam. Now it is one of the several temples governed by the Cochin Devaswom Board, an autonomous body constructed by Government of Kerala to manage the temples. Every year Vavu bali is conducted here

Sree Rama Swami Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in Ramapuram village in Meenachil tehsil and near Pala in Kottayam district in the Indian state of Kerala. The temple has Lord Rama as principal deity, facing the east, who is in a four-armed form, Chathurbahu. It is managed by a trust called Ramapuram Devaswom consisting of three Nambudiri families of Amanakara mana, Kunnoor mana and Karanattu mana.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Kelath Aravindakshan Marar</span> Musical artist

Kelath Aravindakshan Marar is an Indian Chenda artist. He hails from Ollur in Thrissur district of Kerala, India. Aravindakshan Marar is a regular presence in Thrissur Pooram's Ilanjiththara Melam, Peruvanam Pooram, Arattupuzha Pooram, Thrippunithura temple festival, Irinjalakuda Koodalmanikyam temple festival and other major temple festivals.

Karuvathoor Sree Ramaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple located at Kurumaldesam in the Velur panchayat of Thrissur district in the state of Kerala, India. This temple is located close to the Kurumal Sree Bhagawati Temple. Both temples function under the Cochin Devaswom Board. Karuvathur temple is about 3 km from the Vengilassery Manimalarkavu temple where the Maru Marakkal Struggle took place and also Kumbha Bharani - Kuthira Vela is celebrated and the Kururamma Temple associated with the story of Lord Krishna. Renovation work is underway at the Karuvathoor temple.


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