North Nova Education Centre

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North Nova Education Centre
North Nova Education Centre
343 Park Street

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School type Public, High school
Motto"Together We Can Make a Difference"
School board Chignecto-Central
PrincipalAnn Findlay
Grades 9-12, OPP
Language English, French
Colour(s)Blue and White  
Team nameNorth Nova Gryphons

North Nova Education Centre (NNEC) is a Canadian high school in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. It serves roughly 1200 students from the eastern side of Pictou County. It is administratively part of the "Celtic Region" of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board. The school's official colours are blue and white. It teaches a broad variety of materials, from traditional academics, to the Fine Arts, to Co-Op courses. The school is also active in sports and extracurricular activities. In addition, NNEC is one of schools involved in Nova Scotia International Student Program. They host international students from China, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, etc. They provide multi-courses even special help for foreign students to adopt local education and Canadian lifestyles. Each school year, there are two student ambassadors here to help international students and organize events to provide them memories of Nova Scotia. This school also offers a program called CEP (Career Exploration Program). This better prepares students who are planning on going straight into the work force rather than going to university.



North Nova Education Centre officially opened on November 24, 2003. The school's colours are light blue, navy blue and white, with the mascot being the Gryphon. The gryphon was comprised to represent the mascots of the four schools which amalgamated to form North Nova Education Centre. The Gryphon has the Sword of the Trojan (Trenton High School), the body of the Panther (New Glasgow High School) and the wings and the head of a Blue Eagle (East Pictou Rural High School). Students from Thorburn Consolidated School attend NNEC as well, but since they were not a high school in 2003, none of the school's mascots were added to the gryphon. However some say that the wings on the gryphon are from the Thorburn Consolidated School mascot of the Skyhawk.

The school is built in a ring design, around a large central courtyard. Sections of the school, or "pods", are organized by course (English, mathematics, sciences, and history studies).

NNEC Central Courtyard in Winter Nneccourtyard.JPG
NNEC Central Courtyard in Winter

Clubs, committees, and sports

NNEC has many committees, clubs and sports, including the Yearbook Committee, Grad Committee, Website Design Committee, Student Council, Spirit Committee, We-Day Committee and Mental Health Committee. There is also a Youth Health Committee which organizes regular events to promote good health and safety. In addition to these clubs and organizations, there are many sports teams and musical groups

Sports awards

North Nova Education Centre teams have won championships in several sports, as listed below.


  • Provincial Girls Softball Championship


  • Provincial Boys Rugby Championship


  • Provincial Intermediate Boys Cross-Country Championship
  • Provincial Intermediate Boys Track & Field Championship


  • Boys and Girls Provincial Championship (Rugby).


  • Girls Provincial Championship (Rugby)

Music awards

Every year the bands and choir enter the newglasgow music festival.

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