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The Northwest Ohio Athletic League (NWOAL) is a high school sports league in the U.S. state of Ohio. Beginning in 1926, it is officially the oldest athletic league in the state of Ohio. The league sponsors many sports, including: football, boys & girls cross country, volleyball, boys & girls soccer, wrestling, golf, boys & girls basketball, baseball, softball, and boys & girls track & field. The average school enrollment ranges from 250 to 450 students making it a small to mid-size school league. The NWOAL members have won a total of 26 team state championships.


Current members

The member schools of the NWOAL. NWOAL Map.PNG
The member schools of the NWOAL.
SchoolNicknameLocationEnrollment (CB/FB 2020)State FB Region (2020)ColorsTypeMiddle school(s)Tenure
Archbold Blue Streaks Archbold 1516:22Navy Blue, Gold
PublicArchbold MS1960-
Bryan Golden Bears Bryan 2494:14Purple, Gold
PublicBryan MS1926-
Delta Panthers Delta 1386:22Green, White
PublicDelta MS1926-31, 1957–69, 1978-
Evergreen Vikings Metamora 1586:22Green, Gold
PublicEvergreen MS1969-71, 1978-
Liberty Center Tigers Liberty Center 1426:22Orange, Black
PublicLiberty Center MS1926-
Patrick Henry Patriots Hamler 1037:26Red, White, Blue
PublicPatrick Henry MS1978-
Swanton Bulldogs Swanton 1745:18Purple, White
PublicSwanton MS1957-69, 1978-
Wauseon Indians Wauseon 2364:14Red, White
Public Wauseon MS 1926-

Affiliate member

SchoolNicknameLocationColorsTypeMiddle school(s)TenureSport
Montpelier Locomotives Montpelier Navy Blue, Columbia Blue, White
PublicMontpelier JHS1926-2016 (Full),
2016- (Affiliate)
Wrestling [1]

Former members

SchoolNicknameLocationColorsTypeMembership TenureNotes
Defiance Bulldogs Defiance Royal Blue, White
Public1931-55Voted out, eventually joined the WBL
Napoleon Wildcats Napoleon Navy Blue, White
Public1926–78Left for the GLL, currently in the NLL

League history

The all-time member schools of the NWOAL. Full members are in red, affiliate members are green, and former members are blue. AllTimeNWOAL.PNG
The all-time member schools of the NWOAL. Full members are in red, affiliate members are green, and former members are blue.







Northwest Ohio Athletic League

League Facts

League championships

Boys team champions

School YearFootball [12] SoccerCross Country [13] Golf [14] Basketball [15] Wrestling [16] BowlingBaseball [17] Track & Field [18]
1926-27Napoleonbegan 2013began 1969began1954Napoleonbegan 1959-60began 2011-12began 1954Montpelier
1930-31BryanBryan, MontpelierBryan
1937-38Liberty CenterLiberty Center, NapoleonBryan
1939-40BryanDefianceBryan, Montpelier
1940-41BryanBryan, Defiance, WauseonBryan
1941-42Bryan, Defiance, NapoleonDefianceBryan
1945-46Defiance, MontpelierDefianceBryan
1946-47Defiance, MontpelierBryanDefiance
1948-49DefianceDefiance, Liberty CenterNapoleon
1951-52Bryan, NapoleonBryanNapoleon
1956-57Bryan, NapoleonNapoleonBryanBryanBryan
1960-61NapoleonBryanNapoleonNapoleonArchbold, BryanMontpelier
1961-62NapoleonNapoleonArchbold, NapoleonNapoleonArchboldNapoleon
1963-64NapoleonBryanBryan, Napoleon, Swanton, WauseonNapoleonBryanNapoleon
1965-66Liberty Center, NapoleonNapoleonArchboldNapoleonSwantonBryan, Napoleon
1966-67NapoleonNapoleonArchboldNapoleonLiberty Center, NapoleonNapoleon
1968-69Bryan, WauseonNapoleonArchbold, Bryan, NapoleonNapoleonBryanNapoleon
1969-70Bryan, NapoleonNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonBryan, NapoleonMontpelier
1970-71NapoleonNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonArchboldArchbold, NapoleonNapoleon
1971-72NapoleonNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonArchbold, NapoleonNapoleon
1972-73NapoleonLiberty CenterNapoleonNapoleonNapoleonArchboldWauseon
1973-74NapoleonNapoleonBryan/Bryan*WauseonWauseonNapoleon, WauseonLiberty Center
1974-75WauseonWauseonBryanWauseonLiberty CenterWauseonWauseon
1975-76NapoleonLiberty CenterNapoleonArchboldNapoleon, WauseonArchboldNapoleon
1979-80WauseonBryanWauseonSwantonSwanton, WauseonDeltaMontpelier
1980-81ArchboldBryanWauseonArchbold, SwantonSwanton, WauseonArchboldBryan, Liberty Center
1982-83ArchboldSwantonWauseonPatrick HenrySwanton, WauseonSwantonDelta
1983-84Archbold, MontpelierBryanBryanPatrick HenryWauseonSwantonWauseon
1984-85EvergreenBryanBryanArchboldLiberty CenterArchboldArchbold
1985-86Archbold, Bryan, SwantonBryanWauseonPatrick HenrySwantonDeltaWauseon
1987-88ArchboldSwantonBryanArchbold, SwantonLiberty CenterBryanSwanton, Wauseon
1988-89ArchboldSwantonWauseonLiberty CenterArchbold, DeltaSwantonSwanton
1989-90Archbold, SwantonSwantonWauseonArchbold, Bryan, Delta, WauseonArchboldBryan, Delta, SwantonWauseon
1991-92SwantonSwantonBryanPatrick Henry, WauseonDeltaBryanWauseon
1992-93Liberty CenterSwantonSwantonWauseonDeltaBryan, WauseonWauseon
1993-94WauseonBryanSwantonWauseonDelta, WauseonWauseonLiberty Center
1996-97Patrick HenryBryanBryanBryan, Patrick HenryDeltaBryanLiberty Center
1997-98Patrick HenryBryanBryanEvergreen, Patrick HenryDeltaBryanLiberty Center
1998-99Liberty CenterBryanWauseonArchbold, Patrick HenryDeltaDeltaWauseon
1999-00Liberty Center, WauseonBryanBryanWauseonLiberty CenterArchboldWauseon
2000-01Liberty CenterArchboldBryanArchboldArchboldArchboldArchbold
2001-02Liberty CenterBryanBryanBryanDeltaBryan, Delta, Patrick HenryArchbold
2002-03Delta, Patrick HenryBryanWauseonArchboldDeltaPatrick HenryArchbold, Wauseon
2003-04Patrick HenryBryanWauseonArchboldArchbold, Liberty CenterArchbold, BryanLiberty Center
2004-05Patrick HenryWauseonBryanArchbold, Liberty CenterLiberty CenterArchbold, Bryan, DeltaWauseon
2005-06Patrick HenryDeltaWauseonPatrick HenryLiberty CenterPatrick HenryDelta
2006-07Delta, Patrick HenryBryanBryanPatrick HenryArchboldPatrick HenryDelta
2007-08Patrick Henry, WauseonDeltaWauseonArchboldDeltaBryanDelta
2008-09Patrick HenryDeltaBryanBryan, EvergreenLiberty CenterBryanArchbold
2009-10Patrick HenryDeltaBryanArchboldWauseonBryanArchbold
2011-12Liberty CenterArchboldBryanArchboldWauseonWauseonBryanArchbold
2012-13BryanBryanWauseonArchbold, WauseonDeltaLiberty CenterWauseonArchbold
2013-14BryanArchbold, BryanBryanWauseonArchbold, BryanDeltaWauseonWauseonArchbold
2014-15WauseonBryanLiberty CenterWauseonArchbold, Swanton, WauseonWauseonBryanBryanWauseon
2015-16Swanton, WauseonArchboldWauseonArchboldArchbold, WauseonDeltaBryan, Liberty CenterBryanWauseon
2016-17Patrick HenryArchboldWauseonArchboldWauseonWauseonBryanArchboldArchbold
2017-18ArchboldArchboldLiberty CenterArchboldWauseonWauseonBryanBryanWauseon
2018-19Patrick HenryArchboldLiberty CenterArchboldArchboldWauseonBryanArchboldBryan


Girls team champions

School YearVolleyball [20] Cross Country [21] SoccerBasketball [22] BowlingSoftball [23] Track & Field [24]
1971-72began 1975began 1981began 2011began 1975-76began 2011-12began 1987Napoleon
1980-81ArchboldArchbold, SwantonArchbold
1984-85ArchboldWauseonArchbold, Bryan, Liberty Center, SwantonEvergreen
1986-87ArchboldBryanDelta, Patrick HenryArchbold, Delta, WauseonSwanton
1987-88DeltaSwantonPatrick HenryArchboldBryan
1988-89WauseonSwantonSwantonWauseonLiberty Center
1989-90WauseonSwantonPatrick HenryArchboldSwanton
1993-94WauseonPatrick HenryArchboldArchbold, DeltaPatrick Henry
1994-95ArchboldArchboldArchboldArchboldPatrick Henry
1995-96ArchboldBryanArchbold, WauseonWauseonWauseon
1996-97ArchboldWauseonWauseonArchbold, WauseonLiberty Center
1997-98ArchboldArchboldWauseonWauseonLiberty Center
1998-99ArchboldArchboldMontpelier, WauseonArchboldLiberty Center
2000-01Archbold, MontpelierBryanLiberty CenterWauseonLiberty Center
2001-02ArchboldWauseonPatrick HenryArchbold, DeltaLiberty Center
2003-04Archbold, EvergreenSwantonArchbold, WauseonDeltaArchbold
2004-05Liberty CenterWauseonPatrick HenryDeltaArchbold
2005-06Patrick HenryWauseonPatrick HenryArchboldWauseon
2007-08ArchboldWauseonWauseonArchbold, EvergreenWauseon
2008-09EvergreenWauseonWauseonArchbold, Delta, Evergreen, WauseonWauseon
2009-10ArchboldLiberty CenterWauseonArchboldPatrick Henry
2010-11EvergreenLiberty CenterArchbold, EvergreenArchboldArchbold
2011-12ArchboldLiberty CenterArchboldArchboldBryanArchboldLiberty Center
2012-13ArchboldLiberty CenterArchboldArchboldBryanArchbold, EvergreenArchbold
2013-14Delta, EvergreenWauseonArchboldArchboldBryanArchboldWauseon
2014-15EvergreenLiberty CenterDeltaDeltaBryanArchboldWauseon
2015-16EvergreenLiberty CenterSwantonEvergreenBryanArchboldWauseon
2016-17Patrick HenryLiberty CenterSwantonArchboldBryanArchboldArchbold
2017-18SwantonArchboldArchboldDeltaBryanWauseonLiberty Center
2018-19Evergreen, WauseonArchboldLiberty CenterDeltaBryanWauseonLiberty Center

Northern Border League (1969-1978)


For the 1969–70 school year, the Northern Border League was formed by the smaller-enrollment members of the NWOAL as a way to compete for league titles without Napoleon and Bryan. [25] Delta and Swanton withdrew from the NWOAL completely while Archbold, Liberty Center, Montpelier, Wauseon and the recently joined Evergreen become dual members of both the NBL and the now 7-member NWOAL. [5] Patrick Henry would also compete in the NBL after consolidating for the 1969–70 school year, although their football team wouldn't begin NBL play until 1970. Competition between the five dual-league members counted in the standings for both the NWOAL and the NBL.

Evergreen would withdraw from the NWOAL completely in 1971 and compete solely in the NBL. In 1973, Liberty Center also considered dropping their NWOAL membership solely for the NBL, which led to speculation that Archbold, Montpelier, and Wauseon would do the same in order to avoid competing with Napoleon. Evident that schools didn't want to play with Napoleon, the Wildcats started to look at other leagues for membership. When Napoleon joined the Great Lakes League in 1978, the NBL disbanded completely and all 8 schools joined the NWOAL with Bryan.

Boys team champions

School YearFootballCross CountryGolfBasketballWrestlingBaseballTrack & Field
1969-70Montpelier, Wauseon [26] ArchboldSwantonArchbold, Patrick HenryArchboldMontpelier, SwantonMontpelier
1970-71Archbold [27] SwantonMontpelierDeltaArchboldPatrick HenryMontpelier
1971-72Patrick Henry [6] Liberty CenterMontpelierArchbold, DeltaPatrick HenryArchbold, Patrick Henry, SwantonMontpelier, Wauseon
1972-73Archbold [28] Liberty CenterMontpelierPatrick HenrySwantonArchbold, EvergreenWauseon
1973-74Montpelier [29] SwantonMontpelierArchbold, Delta, Patrick Henry, WauseonDeltaEvergreen, Patrick HenrySwanton
1974-75Wauseon [30] SwantonWauseonWauseonSwantonPatrick Henry, WauseonWauseon
1975-76Delta, Swanton [31] Liberty CenterMontpelierArchbold, DeltaSwantonArchbold, EvergreenDelta
1976-77Swanton [32] Patrick HenryWauseonPatrick HenryArchboldEvergreenWauseon
1977-78Patrick Henry [33] WauseonArchboldArchboldSwantonPatrick HenryWauseon

Girls team champions

School YearVolleyballBasketballTrack & Field
1976-77ArchboldPatrick HenrySwanton
1977-78ArchboldPatrick HenrySwanton

State Championships

Fall sports

Boys Cross Country [34] Girls Cross CountryFootballGolfBoys SoccerGirls SoccerGirls TennisVolleyball [34]
Archbold198820181978, 1981, 1998
Liberty Center2011, 2012, 20131997
Patrick Henry2005

Winter sports

Boys Basketball [35] [36] Girls Basketball [34] Boys BowlingGirls BowlingBoys SwimmingGirls SwimmingWrestling [34] [37]
Delta1989, 1996, 1998,

1999, 2014, 2016

Liberty Center
Patrick Henry1997

Spring sports

Baseball [38] SoftballBoys TennisBoys Track & FieldGirls Track & Field [34]
Archbold20051982, 1984, 1986
Liberty Center1998
Patrick Henry2008, 2009

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