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Odense Teater, Denmark

Odense Teater is a theater in the city of Odense in Denmark. It dates back to 1796, which makes it Denmark's second oldest theater. It is one of the country's three main theaters.


The venue is located in Jernbanegade, where it has three stages: Store Scene, Værkstedet, and Foyerscenen. It also has stages at Farinen and Raffinaderiet in the old sugar factory of Odense, where there is also a drama school.


Odense Teater used to be at Sortebrødre Torv, where Hans Christian Andersen started as a writer.

It is notable in theatrical history for staging the première of Henrik Ibsen's first contemporary realist drama The Pillars of Society on 14 November 1877. [1]

Since 1914, the theater has been in Jernbanegade along with the King's Gardens and the Funen's Art Museum.

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Henrik Ibsen Norwegian playwright and theatre director (1828–1906)

Henrik Johan Ibsen was a Norwegian playwright and theatre director. As one of the founders of modernism in theatre, Ibsen is often referred to as "the father of realism" and one of the most influential playwrights of his time. His major works include Brand, Peer Gynt, An Enemy of the People, Emperor and Galilean, A Doll's House, Hedda Gabler, Ghosts, The Wild Duck, When We Dead Awaken, Rosmersholm, and The Master Builder. Ibsen is the most frequently performed dramatist in the world after Shakespeare, and A Doll's House was the world's most performed play in 2006.

Odense City in Southern Denmark, Denmark

Odense is the third-largest city in Denmark. It has a population of 180,760, and is the main city of the island of Funen. By road, Odense is located 45 kilometres (28 mi) north of Svendborg, 144 kilometres (89 mi) to the south of Aarhus and 167 kilometres (104 mi) to the southwest of Copenhagen. The city is the seat of Odense Municipality and was the seat of Odense County until 1970, and Funen County from 1970 until 1 January 2007, when Funen County became part of the Region of Southern Denmark. Odense has close associations with Hans Christian Andersen who is remembered above all for his fairy tales. He was born in the city in 1805 and spent his childhood years there.

Søren Pilmark Danish actor

Søren Louis Pilmark is a Danish actor among the most prominent and versatile of his generation. Known for major theater roles, and for entertainment shows in collaboration with Per Pallesen,, and the comedy and musical group "Ørkenens Sønner". Among his film roles are the highly successful comedy "Flickering Lights" and the political drama "King’s Game", on television in Lars von Trier’s "The Kingdom" and in the forthcoming "Vikings": "Valhalla". He directed the Oscar-nominated short film "Helmer & Son". Debut as an author with the historical novel "Varieté" (2021).

The Pillars of Society is an 1877 play written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

Hålogaland Teater

Hålogaland Teater is a regional theatre serving the region of Nord-Norge, the northernmost of Norway. When established in 1971, it was the first regional theatre in Norway, and the first professional theatre in Nord-Norge. Many of its productions are staged in the regional Norwegian dialects. Although based in Tromsø in the Arctic Circle, where it occupies a modern purpose-built building, the theatre also tours the surrounding rural areas. The varied schedule includes a mixture of genres, contemporary and classic drama, and musical and children's theatre.

The Danish National School of Performing Arts is an artistic educational institution governed by the Danish Ministry of Culture. The school offers higher education and continuing education within performing arts. Based in Denmark, the school has campuses in Aarhus, Fredericia, Copenhagen and Odense.

Inger Stender Danish actress

Inger Stender (1912–1989) was a Danish actress of stage, film and television whose sophisticated elegance and classic beauty earned her the description of Denmark's version of Marlene Dietrich.

Det Ny Teater Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark

Det Ny Teater is an established theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark, first opened in 1908. It is based in a building which spans a passage between Vesterbrogade and Gammel Kongevej in Copenhagen's theatre district on the border between Vesterbro and Frederiksberg.

Den Nationale Scene

Den Nationale Scene is the largest theatre in Bergen, Norway. Den Nationale Scene is also one of the oldest permanent theatres in Norway.

Teater Momentum

Teater Momentum is a small theatre in Odense, Denmark.

Viggo Hjalmar Wiehe was a Danish stage and film actor whose career spanned over five decades.

Christiania Norwegian Theatre was founded in 1852 under the name of Norwegian Dramatic School, and later renamed Christiania Norwegian Theatre. The initiative came from lieutenant engineer Johannes Benedictus Klingenberg (1817–1882) after he had been disappointed by the un-Norwegian repertoire selection and had visited the Norwegian Theatre in Bergen. In 1854 the drama school was made into a performing arts theater.

Rønne Theater

Rønne Theater, also Bornholms Teater, is a theatre in Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark. It is located on the corner of Teaterstræde and Østergade in a half-timbered yellow and brown painted house with a red tiled roof. The building, dating from 1783, was expanded into a theatre in 1823, making it Denmark's oldest provincial theatre still in active use. Rønne Theater is a venue for amateur plays and opera as well as cabaret performances. It became a listed building in 1938.

Aalborg Teater Theatre in Aalborg, Denmark

Aalborg Teater is the main theatre in Aalborg, Denmark. Built in 1878, it was subsequently modified by Julius Petersen and was remodeled in 2000. Its address is still Jernbanegade, although the station and the theatre have both moved. The theatre has three stages and seats 870 in the main auditorium. There are 10-12 annual productions with a total of 250-400 performances, covering a wide selection of drama and musicals. Originally privately owned, it is now controlled and owned by the Danish Ministry of Culture. While most productions are housed in the main hall, the building can accommodate up to four shows in its other halls.

Niels Jacobsen was a Danish architect and politician who worked primarily in Odense. He was also the Chairman of The Lego Group until his death.

Carl William Frederik Lendorf was a Danish architect and historicist who worked primarily in Odense. He also designed Copenhagen's 1898 St Thomas' Church.

Kings Garden (Odense)

King's Garden is a large, formal palace park in central Odense, Denmark. Located directly across from the Odense station, it is bounded by Railroad Street to the west and Eastern Stationsvej to the north. It stands in front of Odense Palace.

Olaf Johannessen (actor)

Olaf Heine Johannessen is a Faroese stage and film actor. He finished his education as an actor from the Odense Teater skuespillerskole in 1986. He works as an actor on stage in Denmark and Germany and as a film actor in Danish TV-series and films.

Kirsten Olesen Danish actress

Kirsten Olesen is a Danish actress who since 1979 has been with Copenhagen's Royal Danish Theatre. In Denmark, she is known above all for taking the part of Agnes, a housemaid, in the popular television series Matador (1978–1982). Internationally, she has starred in the title role of Lars von Trier's Medea (1988).

Cecilie Maria Stenspil is a Danish actress. She graduated from the School of Acting at Odense Teater in 2006.


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