Pastor Troy

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Pastor Troy
Birth nameMicah LeVar Troy
Also known asThe Pastor
PT Cruiser
Pastor Dizasta
Born (1977-11-18) November 18, 1977 (age 45)
Origin Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Genres Hip hop, crunk, hardcore hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, producer
Years active1998-present

Micah LeVar "Pastor" Troy (born November 18, 1977) is an American rapper and record producer. He is also a member of the hardcore rap group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boyz). In 2020, he made several homophobic statements against Lil Nas X that generated considerable controversy. [1] [2]


Early life

Micah LeVar Troy was born on November 18, 1977 in College Park, Georgia. His father, Alfred Troy, is a former drill instructor turned pastor. [3]

Troy graduated from Creekside High School and attended Paine College in Augusta, Georgia, before deciding to fully pursue his career in rap. His rap name comes from his last name and his father's profession as a pastor, and is also a pun on the name Castor Troy, a character from John Woo's 1997 film Face/Off , played by Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. His fourth album is titled Face Off in reference to the movie.[ citation needed ]


He released his first album, We Ready (I Declare War), in 1999. To generate attention and buzz, he attacked Master P verbally on the infamous "No Mo Play in G. A."[ citation needed ]

Ludacris featured Troy on his album Back for the First Time for the song "Get Off Me". [4] In addition, Pastor Troy is the front man of the rap group D.S.G.B. (Down South Georgia Boyz). DSGB originated in Augusta, Georgia. [5] He was also featured on the collaborative album Kings of Crunk by Lil Jon in the song "Throw it Up". [6] In 2002, Troy's album Universal Soldier became popular in the South, especially with the song "Are We Cuttin'" featuring Ms. Jade, which was also featured on the soundtrack for the action film xXx that year. [7] The album debuted at #13 on the Billboard 200. [8] In 2003, Troy appeared on Young Jeezy's 2003 album Come Shop wit' Me on the track titled "GA". [9]

Troy released By Any Means Necessary in 2004. Following this album, Troy was released from his Universal contract because of creativity disputes. [3] He then released Face Off, Part II , which addressed some issues with Lil Scrappy and BME. In 2005, he appeared with Killer Mike on Chamillionaire's track "Southern Takeover" off of The Sound of Revenge.[ citation needed ]

He released three albums in 2006, starting with Stay Tru , then followed by By Choice Or By Force and Atlanta 2 Memphis , which is a collaboration album with Memphis rapper Criminal Manne. Stay Tru debuted at the Billboard 200 at #150, selling 6,000 copies its first week. [10]

Troy released his 16th solo album, Ready For War , in June 2009, and released seven more studio albums then and 2011. In 2012, he released The Last OutLaw, and in 2013, he released The Streets Need You. In 2014, he released Crown Royal Part 4 mixtape, as well as the album Welcome to the Rap Game, while he released the sixth edition of his Crown Royal mixtape series in 2015 along with WAR (We Are Ready) in Atlanta, which featured by Paul Wall and Bun B.[ citation needed ]

In 2017, Troy announced his retirement and released his last album "O.G.P.T" in July. He also announced he was in the process of completing his second movie, titled Down 2 Come Up, which he wrote, directed, and starred in, which was slated for released on March 17, 2020. He later released two albums, "Clubber Lang" and "Enemy of the State".[ citation needed ]

In January 2020, Pastor Troy made homophobic comments on the outfit Lil Nas X wore during the Grammy Awards. [11] [12] [13] In a subsequent interview, Pastor Troy said he was not being homophobic but then claimed that "being gay isn't right" and made several other homophobic comments. [14] [15]


On April 5, 2016, Pastor Troy received the Legends of ATL Award from BMI for his contributions to music in Atlanta. [16]


Studio albums

List of albums, with selected chart positions
TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart positions
We Ready (I Declare War)
  • Released: March 16, 1999 [19]
  • Label: Madd Society Records/Candy Coated Management
I Am D.S.G.B.
  • Released: September 12, 2000
  • Label: MCA Records
Pastor Troy for President
  • Released: November 7, 2000
  • Label: Real Thang Records
Face Off
  • Released: May 22, 2001
  • Label: Madd Society Records/Universal
Hell 2 Pay
  • Released: January 1, 2002
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Universal Soldier
  • Releases: September 24, 2002
  • Label: Universal
By Any Means Necessary
  • Released: March 23, 2004
  • Label: Universal/Khaotic Generation
Face Off, Part II
  • Released: March 1, 2005
  • Label: Money & Power Records
Stay Tru150211215
By Choice or by Force
  • Released: July 25, 2006
  • Label: Koch Records/Money And The Power LLC/Fastlife
Tool Muziq
  • Releases: July 3, 2007
  • Label: SMC Recordings/Money And The Power Records
Attitude Adjuster 11615414
A.T.L. (A-Town Legend)
  • Released: May 13, 2008
  • Label: Siccness Records
  • Released: November 18, 2008
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Feel Me or Kill Me
  • Released: April 14, 2009
  • Label: SMC Recordings/Money And The Power Records/Fontana Distribution
Ready for War
Love Me, Hate Me
  • Released: July 28, 2009
  • Label: Siccness Records
G.I. Troy – Strictly 4 My Soldiers
  • Released: February 16, 2010
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Zero Tolerence
  • Released: May 25, 2010
  • Label: Bcd Music Group
Attitude Adjuster 2
King of All Kings
  • Released: August 3, 2010
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Still Troy
  • Released: March 15, 2011
  • Label: Turned Up Ent
  • Released: April 5, 2011
  • Label: Siccness Records
The Last Outlaw
  • Released: June 19, 2012
  • Label: Madd Society Records
The Streets Need You
  • Released: July 30, 2013
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Welcome To The Rap Game
  • Released: October 7, 2014
  • Label: Madd Society Records
WAR in Atlanta
  • Released: June 27, 2015
  • Label: Khaotic Generation
  • Released: July 28, 2017
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Clubber Lang
  • Released: September 28, 2018
  • Label: Madd Society Records
Enemy of the State
  • Released: September 13, 2019
  • Label: Madd Society Records
I Said What I Said
  • Released: April 10, 2020
  • Label: Madd Society Records


With D.S.G.B.

YearTitleChart positions
2001The Last Supper
2003Til Death Do Us Part42

Other collaborations

YearTitleChart positions
2000 Book I (with The Congregation)
2006 Atlanta 2 Memphis (with Criminal Manne)88
2008 A.T.L. 2 (A-Town Legends 2) (with The Lumberjacks)

Mixtapes, compilations and remix albums

2001A Thin Line Between The Playaz And The Hataz
2004I Am American (Compilation) (presented by Lil Jon & Pastor Troy)
2005Hood Hustlin': The Mix Tape, Vol. 1 (with Nino of P.K.O.)
Hood Hustlin': The Mix Tape, Vol. 2 (Slowed & Chopped) (with Nino of P.K.O.)
2006Down South Hood Hustlin (with Nino of P.K.O.)
2009Still No Play In Georgia (Best Of) (Mixtape)
Ready for War (The P.T. Mixes)
2010Crown Royal (Mixtape)
The Be
2011Crown Royal 2 (Mixtape)
2013 Crown Royal Legend (Mixtape)
2014 Crown Royal 4 (Mixtape)
Crown Royal 5 (Mixtape)
2015 Crown Royal 6 (Mixtape)


YearSong U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B Album
1999"No Mo Play in G.A."We Ready (I Declare War)
2001"This tha City"Face Off
"Vice Versa"
(featuring Peter the Disciple)
2002"Are We Cuttin'"
(featuring Ms. Jade)
9647Universal Soldier
2003"You Can't Pimp Me"
(featuring Peter the Disciple)
2004"Ridin' Big"91By Any Means Necessary
2006"Pop a Few Bottles"
(featuring Rasheeda)
By Choice or by Force
2007"Saddam"Tool Muziq
2008"Heaven Is Below"A.T.L. (A-Town Legend)
2009"I Want War"Feel Me or Kill Me
"Comin Wit Me"Ready for War
2011"Dirty Atlanta"
(featuring Ralph)
Still Troy
"Ain't Gangsta No Moe"

Collaboration singles

YearSong U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B Album
(with D.S.G.B.; Down South Georgia Boyz)
Til Death Do Us Part
2014"We Represent Dat"
(with Lil Jazz)
Non-album single
2016"Money Up"
(with King Killumbia & Lil Ru)
Welcome to Killumbia
2018"Hoe Check II prod by King Killumbia & D Gutta"
(with King Killumbia, Project Pat, The Last Mr. Bigg, Mr. Flip & Natalac; Remix with Lil Brod)
Pimp of the Nation
2018"Roll Down"
(with Dusty Roadz & King Killumbia)
Kranked Up
2018"IDGAF prod by Witeout"
(with King Killumbia, Lil Wyte & Kaotik)
Non-album single

Production credits

Pastor Troy

"Havin' A Bad Day"

"This Tha City"
"My Niggaz Is The Grind"
"Move To Mars"
"Throw Your Flags Up"
"No Mo Play In GA"
"Eternal Yard Dash" with Big Toombs
"Oh Father"

"Universal Soldier"
"Bless America"

"WWW (Who, Want, War)"
"Where Them Niggaz At"
"Respect Game"

"I'm Down"


"We Dem Georgia Boyz"
"My Folks"
"Brang Ya Army"
"Above The Law II"

"I'm Outside Ho"
"Sittin' On Thangs" with Taj Mahal

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