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Lil Wyte
Lil Wyte performing at the Beale Street Music Festival in 2007.jpg
Lanshaw performing at the Beale Street Music Festival in 2007
Background information
Birth namePatrick Dhane Lanshaw
Also known asBoss Wyte
Born (1982-10-06) October 6, 1982 (age 39)
Memphis, Tennessee, U.S.
Genres Hip hop
Years active1997–present

Patrick Dhane Lanshaw [1] (born October 6, 1982), [2] better known by his stage name Lil Wyte, is an American rapper. He is a member of the rap collective Hypnotize Minds and owner of the independent label Wyte Music. [3]


Early life

Growing up in Frayser, Lil Wyte discovered his rapping talent at a young age as he could rap Sir Mix-a-Lot's entire song "Baby Got Back" completely. He participated in freestyle battles at high school when he was in ninth grade. Lanshaw rapped with his friend "Lil Black", who inspired him to use the pseudonym "Lil Wyte" and write songs instead of freestyling. [4]

Lanshaw dropped out of high school, but eventually earned his high school diploma. [5]

Music career

Lil Wyte was part of a local rap group, the Shelby Forest Click. [6]

The group's home-made demo tape came to the attention of Three 6 Mafia. Juicy J and DJ Paul (one song in particular is said to have gotten him signed, a song titled Memphiz Playaz). Three 6 Mafia signed the rapper and worked later with his debut album. [7] Lil Wyte appeared on Project Pat's song "Crash da Club" from his album Layin' da Smack Down in 2002. [1] His debut album Doubt Me Now was released in 2003 and it became popular, selling over 135,000 copies without promotion. The album Doubt Me Now featured Juvenile, Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy, La Chat and Josey Scott. The album had three popular songs: "Oxycotton", "My Smoking Song", and "Acid". [4] [8]

He has been described as a rapid lyricist. [9]

Personal life

Lil Wyte passed up the opportunity of writing the song "It's Hard out Here for a Pimp", because he could not relate to the lyrics of having more than one woman. [10]

Lil Wyte used three strains of marijuana to create his own strain of medical cannabis called OG WYTE Kush. It's available in 11 states. The three original strains are Og Kush, White Widow and Grand Daddy Purp. [11]

In 2012 he was arrested in Clarksville, Tennessee for DUI and drug possession. [12]


Studio albums
YearTitlePeak chart positions
U.S. [13] U.S. R&B [14] [15] U.S. Rap [16] [17]
2003 Doubt Me Now 19744*
2004 Phinally Phamous 6464
2007 The One and Only 46103
2009 The Bad Influence 104185
2011 Year Round (with JellyRoll and BPZ, as SNO)
2012 Still Doubted? 3423
2013 No Filter (with JellyRoll)
  • Released: July 16, 2013
  • Label: Phixieous Entertainment/Wyte Music
2014 B.A.R. (Bay Area Representatives) (with Frayser Boy)
  • Released: February 4, 2014
  • Label: Phixieous Entertainment/Wyte Music
No Sick Days
  • Released: April 20, 2014
  • Label: Phixieous Entertainment/Wyte Music
2016 No Filter 2 (with JellyRoll)
  • Released: November 18, 2016
  • Label: Phixieous Entertainment/Wyte Music
2017Drugs [18]
Liquor [19]
2018Memphis Legends(with Project Pat & Crunchy Black)
  • Released: December 15, 2018
  • Label: Kholebeatz Records
Lil Wyte
  • Released: December 21, 2018
  • Label: Phixeous Entertainment
2019Drugs & Liquor (Deluxe Edition)
2020Croptober(with Instigator)
  • Released: October 2, 2020
  • Label: High Wayz Records/Tennessee Pushers/Wyte Music


List of singles as lead artist, showing year released and album name
"About 2 Get Raw"
(with Devious T & Deuce One)
2010Non-album single
(featuring Miscellaneous)
2012 Still Doubted?
"Break the Knob Off"
(with JellyRoll)
2013 No Filter
"This Down Here"
(with JellyRoll & Jesse Whitley)
"Who's Comin with Me"
(featuring ACE)
2015Non-album singles
"Plot Thickens"
(with Kholebeatz & Project Pat)
2016Memphis Legends
"Where the Drugs at"
(with Mr Spitfire & Lou Kane)
Non-album singles
"Still Sippin"
(featuring 46Simmy)
"Mean No Harm Rmx"
(with Kholebeatz & Kraziak)
"Wake the Neighbors Up"
"Dope Boy Stuntin"
"Get Laid"
"No Tomorrow"
(featuring Lil Truss, 2-Tone & Lady D)
Non-album singles
"Drink It Down"
"I Forgive You"
"I Do It for the Hood"
"Doin Me Right Now"
"Too Cool"
"Roll in Peace"
Non-album singles
"Memphis 10"
"Wall 2 Wall"
(with 38)
"I Forgive You"
(Chopped & Screwed)
Drugs & Liquor (Deluxe Edition)

Guest appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title[ citation needed ]YearOther artist(s)Album
"Crash da Club"2002 Project Pat Layin' da Smack Down
"Ridin Spinners"2003 Three 6 Mafia, La Chat Da Unbreakables
"Mosh Pit" Three 6 Mafia, Josey Scott Da Unbreakables
"Dangerous Posse" Three 6 Mafia, Hypnotize Camp Posse Da Unbreakables
"Bay Area" Frayser Boy Gone on That Bay
"H.C.P." Frayser Boy, Hypnotize Camp Posse Gone on That Bay
"Who Gives a Fuck Where You From"2004 DJ KaySlay, Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy The Streetsweeper 2
"Water"2005 Frayser Boy Me Being Me
"Body Parts 3" Three 6 Mafia, Hypnotize Camp Posse Most Known Unknown
"Posse Song" Frayser Boy, Hypnotize Camp Posse Me Being Me
"Who Da Fuck You Playin' Wit? Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy Choices II: The Setup
"Pass Dat Shit"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"P.I.M.P."Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"Squeeze It"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"Official Crunk Junt"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"Who I Iz"Three 6 Mafia, Trillville
"Shoot Up da Club"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"Stanky Stanky"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"One Hitta Quitta"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"I Sho Will (Remix) Lil Flip
"Posse Song"Three 6 Mafia, Frayser Boy
"Get They Ass KickChrome (Rapper), Lil Scrappy Straight to the Pros
"H.C.P.Chrome (Rapper), Hypnotize Camp Posse Straight to the Pros
"Squeeze It"Three 6 Mafia Most Known Hits
"Yeeeeah" Trillville Trillville Reloaded
"Hood Drug Warz2006 DJ Kayslay, B.G., Three 6 Mafia The Champions: North Meets South
"Big Problems" DJ Kayslay, Lil Jon, Lil Flip, Lil Scrappy
"Rollin"2008 Three 6 Mafia Last 2 Walk
"Stupid High"2009 Juicy J
"I'm Gutta Bruh" Juicy J V-Slash
"I'm Drunk (Remix)" DJ Paul, Lord Infamous Scale-A-Ton
"Low Down Triple Six"2010Cuttroat, Three 6 Mafia, Project PatThe Takeove
"Pop Another Pill" JellyRoll
"Kuntry Boys"SMO & JellyRoll
"Lose It" DJ Paul To Kill Again The Mixtape
"What You Smoke"2011Bankrupt RecordsDouble Vision
"5 To 10"$hamrock, Crime Mob Tha Wyterapper Show
"That's What I'm Cockin"Juicy J, JellyRoll, BPZRubba Band Business
"My Blunt Smokes Better" DJ Paul Pray for Forgiveness
"Warter on the Stove" DJ Paul, JellyRoll, BPZPray for Forgiveness
"Mind Playin Trick on Me2012 Insane Clown Posse, Anybody Killa Smothered, Covered & Chunked
"In the Building" MJG, Young Dolph Bitches Money Guns
"I'm Sprung" DJ Paul A Person of Interest
"Lord Infamous Posse Song"Lord Infamous, Miscellaneous, $hamrock, Partee, ThugtherapyBack from Dead: Deadly Proverbs
"Pill Popper" Lord Infamous, Project Pat, ParteeBack from Dead: Deadly Proverbs
"Put It in Yo Face" Lord Infamous Back from Dead: Deadly Proverbs
"400 a Zip" Project Pat, Nasty Mane, BPZBelly On Full 2
"My Blunt Smokes Better" DJ Paul For I Have Sinned
"Dope Fiend"2013 Bizarre, St LukeLaced Blunts
"Go White Boy" Pastor Troy The Streets Need You
"Wasted" Twiztid, Liquid Assassin, Buckshot, Johnny Richter, Jared Gomes, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, JellyRoll, Ajax A New Nightmare
"Hard Shit" DJ Paul, Drumma Boy Clash of the Titans
"Betta Pray"(Koopsta Knicca, DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous, Crunchy Black) as Da Mafia 6ix, Outlawz 6ix Commandments
"Remember" Da Mafia 6ix
"Body Parts" Juicy J, DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Locodunit, J Green, Point Blank, Kokoe, Lord Infamous, Project Pat, Koopsta Knicca, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Crunchy Black, La Chat
"On That" Gangsta Boo, La Chat Witch
"Never Knew" JellyRoll, Jacob Scott, Einstagator & Adele
"Memphis 10"2014 MJG, DJ Paul, Frayser Boy Too Pimpin 2.0
"Where My Mind Go"K.Kerr, Twisted Insane
"1 Shot"Colby Bright, Whitney Peyton
"Radioactive"Sunset Black, Gent JackX-Rated Mafia Records [20]
"Radioactive 2016" prod by King KillumbiaSunset Black, Gent JackX-Rated Mafia Records [20]
"Smoke Sum"Tori WhoDatKrewedentials
"Bad Bitches"Tori WhoDatKrewedentials
"Too Petty" Da Mafia 6ix, Fiend, La Chat Hear Sum Evil
"Loud Loud"2015 DJ Paul Da Light Up, Da Poe Up
"Loud Loud (Remix)" DJ Paul Da Light Up, Da Poe Up
"Mosh Pit" Da Mafia 6ix, The Killjoy Club Watch What U Wish
"Crazy"2016Bukshot, JellyRoll, Madchild Assimilation
"RadioactiveSunset Black
"Drugs"2017King KillumbiaWelcome to Killumbia [20]
"IDGAF" prod by WiteoutKing Killumbia, Pastor Troy, KaotikTBA [20]
"Reap What You Sow"Jaliet CapranaBeatz N the Beast
"No High Enough" DJ Paul Underground Vol. 17 for da Summa
"Poe Up Wetty"
"Going Down" Prime Suspects The Acents
"Stop All That Talkin"Profit Levi & Big Dutta
"Stacks"Mark JamesSessions
"Thrillz"DJ Spanish JayDa Fix
"Mainiac"Mavrick & Big LedP.O.P.
"Too Hard on Myself"2018JR Badinfluence & LMO
"This Is Me"Slikk Mik
"Reap What You Sow"Jaliet CapranaBeatz N the Beast
"Help"D3!, Josh Andrews of Spinless & HeartlessHelp
"Too High"G Baby, Joey Da Spitta
"Straight Outta Tennessee"Smoke Corleone
"Let It Bang"Madtatter & Rainy LouisTen Over Six
"Get on My Level"Flo the Rapper and Memo
"Shooter Mcgavin"Beni-Hana
"Psychotic"JpMr724Dream Schemes Vol 1
"Let's Talk About It"Hollywood & Frayser Boy
"When I Die" (album version)2019One Man Kru, Kapital ZLegend of the Earth
"Lost Leaders"Mexiveli, KingPin Skinny Pimp, Koopsta Knicca of Three 6 Mafia Da Devil's Playground 2
"Grim"Blazin J
"On My Way"WhiteGoldFlying Solo 2
"Papertrail"Young T & Frayser Boy
"Timeline (Remix)"Bug-Z
"F**k Up"EmzyGAnything But Broke
"All I Know"2020White WulfAlter Ego
"Jesus and Rock and Roll" JellyRoll A Beautiful Disaster
"Smoke Au Blunt"Beezy B
"Ball Like Me"Benjamin DolluhBanking on Benjamin
"Just Wanna"BurdenMy Own Worst NME
"Now They Wanna"DayDay
"20 White Boy$"Mugs Amillion
"From the Kountry"Iron Mic Savage
"What You Want"Tha Gutta! Dream & Shotgun Shane
"All I Do Is Smoke"The GoldynChylde & C Hustle
"Get Turnt"(Remix)D-Ray What It Do
"I.D.G.A.F."Free Lance
"Thru the Hood"Wavy Inc
"Daweedgotmehigh" Rittz Rittzmas

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