Pigeon Feathers and Other Stories

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Pigeon Feathers
Author John Updike
Cover artist S. Neil Fujita
CountryUnited States
Genre Short story collection
Publisher Alfred A. Knopf
Publication date

Pigeon Feathers is an early collection of short stories by John Updike, published in 1962. It includes the stories "Wife-Wooing" and "A&P", which have both been anthologized. [1]


"A&P" and the title story, "Pigeon Feathers", were both adapted into films (see below).

List of stories

Film adaptations

The short story "Pigeon Feathers" was adapted into a film and presented in 1988 on the Public Broadcasting American Playhouse series. It was directed by Sharron Miller and starred Christopher Collet, Caroline McWilliams, Jeffrey DeMunn, Lenka Peterson, and Boyd Gaines. It tells the story of David, a young man who has a crisis of faith as he struggles with his belief in life after death. [2] [3]

In 1996, the short story "A&P" was made into a short film directed by Bruce Schwartz. It starred Sean Hayes as Sammy and Amy Smart as Queenie in their first official movie roles. [4]

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