Prague Championship

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Prague Championship
CountryFlag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams16
Level on pyramid5
Promotion to Divize B
Relegation to1.A Class
Domestic cup(s) Czech Cup
Current champions SK Třeboradice

The Prague Championship (Czech : Pražský přebor) is a fifth level league in the Czech Republic football league system. It is controlled by the Prague Football Association. The league comprises teams from Prague. In 2011 the league expanded from 16 to 18 teams. [1]


Prague Championship clubs, 2016–17

ClubPrevious season
ABC Braník 8th
ČAFC Prague 7th
FC Háje Jižní Město 14th
Zličín 9th
FK Admira Prague B10th
FK Dukla Jižní Město 1st in Class 1.A (group B)
FK Újezd nad Lesy 1st in Class 1.A (group A)
SK Ďáblice 2nd in Class 1.A (group A)
SK Horní Měcholupy 10th in Divize B
SK Motorlet Prague B12th
SK Třeboradice 4th
SK Uhelné sklady Prague 11th
SK Union Vršovice 13th
SK Zbraslav 5th
Sokol Cholupice 6th
Sokol Královice 3rd

Prague Championship champions

2004–05 H.Měcholupy Dukla
2005–06 Admira Kopanina
2006–07 H.Měcholupy Dukla
2007–08 Meteor Kopanina
2008–09 Př. Kopanina Dukla B
2009–10 Zličín Radotín
2010–11 Radotín Dukla B
2011–12 Aritma Bohemians B
2012–13 Vršovice Libuš
2013–14 Sokol Královice Libuš
2014–15 FC Přední Kopanina SK Uhelné sklady Prague
2015–16 FC Přední Kopanina Bohemians Prague (Střížkov)

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The Football Association of the Czech Republic or colloquially the Czech Football Association is the governing body of football in the Czech Republic, based in Prague. It organizes the lower-level league competitions in the country, the Czech Cup, and the Czech Republic national football team.

1. FK Drnovice association football club in the Czech Republic

1. FK Drnovice was a Czech football club based in the Moravian village of Drnovice near Vyškov, founded in 1932. The club played in the top flight of Czech football, the Czech First League, between 1993 and 2002, and again in the 2004/05 season. Because of financial trouble, the club ceased to exist in 2006. Drnovice now hosts a small club FKD currently playing regional division.

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This article discusses the structure of football leagues in the Czech Republic. These leagues are organised by The Football Association of the Czech Republic (FAČR). Football is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic.

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The Czechoslovak First League was the premier football league in the Czechoslovakia from 1925 to 1993, with the exception of World War II. Czechoslovakia was occupied by German forces who formed Gauliga Sudetenland and Gauliga Böhmen und Mähren leagues on occupied territories. Until 1934-35 season no teams from Slovakia participated in the league.

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The Prague Black Panthers are an American football team based in Prague, Czech Republic. The Prague Black Panthers are one of the most successful teams in Central Europe, having been named the Champions of the Czech Republic 18 times. After years of dominance in the Czech League of American Football, the Black Panthers currently compete as members of the Austrian Football League (AFL). Internationally the team has played in the European Football League (EFL) and the EFAF Cup and also in Central European Football League (CEFL).

Peter Bartalský is a Slovak football goalkeeper who currently plays for the Prague Championship club SK Třeboradice and the manager of Czech club Sparta Prague (women).

Okresní přebor is a Czech television sport comedy series created by Jan Prušinovský that airs on TV Nova. The series premiered on 6 September 2010.

The 2011–12 Czech First League, known as the Gambrinus liga for sponsorship reasons, was the 19th season of the Czech Republic's top-tier football league. It began on 29 July 2011 and was originally due to end on 26 May 2012, although due to the Czech Republic's qualification for UEFA Euro 2012, the end of the season was brought forward to 12 May 2012. Viktoria Plzeň were the defending champions, having won their first Czech Republic championship the previous season.

SC Olympia Radotín

SC Olympia Radotín is a football club located in the Radotín district of Prague, Czech Republic. They played in the fifth tier of the Czech football system. The club won the Prague Championship in 2011, but refused promotion, so the B team of FK Dukla Prague went up to the Czech Fourth Division in their place, as league runners-up for the season. In 2018, the club merged with FK Olympia Prague during that club's relocation to Radotín and rebranding to SC Olympia Radotín.

SK Roudnice nad Labem

SK Roudnice nad Labem is a Czech football club located in Roudnice nad Labem in the Ústí nad Labem Region. It currently plays in the Okresní přebor – Litoměřice, which is in the eighth tier of Czech football. Since 2011, Roudnice has been a farm team for Czech First League side FK Teplice.

FK Mikulovice

FK Mikulovice is a Czech football club located in the village of Mikulovice in the Olomouc Region. Mikulovice played in the Moravian–Silesian Football League, which is the third highest league in the Czech republic.

The 2014–15 Czech First League, known as the Synot liga for sponsorship reasons, was the 22nd season of the Czech Republic's top-tier football league and the first since it was renamed from the Gambrinus liga to the Synot liga due to a change in sponsor. The season started on 25 July 2014 and ran until the end of May 2015, with a winter break between November and February. Fixtures for the season were announced on 25 June 2014. The winners were FC Viktoria Plzeň, while the previous season's champions Sparta Prague finished in second place.


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