Probation (1932 film)

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Probation (1932 film).jpg
Directed by Richard Thorpe
Written by Edward T. Lowe
Produced by George Batcheller
Starring Sally Blane
John Darrow
Clara Kimball Young
Cinematography M. A. Anderson
Edited byVera Wade
Distributed byChesterfield Pictures
Release date
March 15, 1932
Running time
67 minutes
CountryUnited States

Probation (also known as Second Chances) is an American Pre-Code 1932 film directed by Richard Thorpe and starring Clara Kimball Young and Betty Grable. [1] The film was distributed by the Chesterfield Motion Pictures Corporation.



Ruth (Betty Grable) is a minor who is running with an uptown, older man. Ruth's brother, Nick (John Darrow), is unaware of his kid sister's activities. Ruth is turned in to the juvenile authorities by the well-meaning Mrs. Humphries (Clara Kimball Young). Nick finds a man in their apartment and proceeds to be arrested for beating up the man, who runs away before Nick is arrested. Nick is taken to night court and remanded to the custody of the judge's (J. Farrell MacDonald) niece, Janet, for six months as her chauffeur. Janet (Sally Blane) is the fiancé of Allen (Eddie Phillips), who is coincidentally the man who was beaten up by Nick.

Betty Grable is on the verge of becoming a superstar, in the 1940s. [2] [3]


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