Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game

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Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game
Designer(s) Marc C. MacKinnon
Publisher(s) Dart Flipcards Inc.
Playing timeApprox 20 min
Random chanceSome
Age range10+
Skill(s) required Card playing
Basic Reading Ability

The Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game is an out-of-print collectible card game set in the fictional world of Sailor Moon . The game, based on the English version of the anime and designed by Mark C. MacKinnon, Jeff Mackintosh, Karen McLarney, and John R. Phythyon, Jr., was released in July 2000 by Dart Flipcards. [1]


Game summary

The Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game pits teams of Sailor Soldiers (referred to as "Scouts") against opposing monsters and villains. Each player has both one or more Scouts, and a collection of enemies. Victory is achieved by either eliminating all of an opponent's scouts, or by defeating a certain number of victory points (VP) worth of monsters and villains.

At some points in the game, elements of random chance are introduced by requiring the players to play a game of jan ken pon in order to determine the outcome.

Card types

Cards and rarity

The base card set in the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game consists of 160 different cards. Of these, 60 are common, 60 are uncommon, 30 are rare, and 10 are ultra-rare foil cards. The odds of getting an ultra-rare foil card in a booster are 1 in 12.

The following starter packs and booster packs are available:

Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game Products
ProductCardsOther comments / notes
Starter deck60Two 30-card mini-decks, meant for two players.
Character deck60Themed around a single character (e.g. Sailor Mars).
Booster pack11Includes 1 rare, 3 uncommons, and 7 commons.

The game also features a 70-card expansion set, Sailor Moon: Past and Future. This set includes 20 commons, 20 uncommons, 20 rares, and 10 ultra-rares.

List of cards

Base Deck 160 Card Total - 60 Common, 60 Uncommon, 30 Rare and 10 Ultra Rare Foil Cards.

Card #Card NameCard TypeRarity
1 of 160BodyPowerCommon
2 of 160MindPowerCommon
3 of 160SoulPowerCommon
4 of 160 Morga/KigaanMonsterCommon
5 of 160Kyurene/GarobenMonsterCommon
6 of 160TitusMonsterCommon
7 of 160Black WidowMonsterCommon
8 of 160Leo the LionMonsterCommon
9 of 160Yasha/Plant SistersMonsterCommon
10 of 160Game Machine ManMonsterCommon
11 of 160Bobo the VultureMonsterCommon
12 of 160BumbooMonsterCommon
13 of 160Veena/ Misha & JanelleMonsterCommon
14 of 160TechniclonMonsterCommon
15 of 160BakeneMonsterCommon
16 of 160MitsuaamiMonsterCommon
17 of 160Polite SocietyMonsterCommon
18 of 160Fro/BlizzardMonsterCommon
19 of 160PapionMonsterCommon
20 of 160Mud Minion HordeMonsterCommon
21 of 160FaraionMonsterCommon
22 of 160NacridMonsterCommon
23 of 160RacyMonsterCommon
24 of 160VulturosMonsterCommon
25 of 160AmphibiaMonsterCommon
26 of 160MopheadMonsterCommon
27 of 160PierrotMonsterCommon
28 of 160Four FaceMonsterCommon
29 of 160Frosty/HypnoticaMonsterCommon
30 of 160ThunderclapMonsterCommon
31 of 160AvocadoMonsterCommon
32 of 160Grim ManMonsterCommon
33 of 160Animal InstinctMonsterCommon
34 of 160 Doom and Gloom Guys MonsterCommon
35 of 160Dragon/Timewarp GenieMonsterCommon
36 of 160 Luna PersonCommon
37 of 160 Molly Osaka PersonCommon
38 of 160 Melvin Gurio PersonCommon
39 of 160 Grandpa Hino PersonCommon
40 of 160 Chad Kumada PersonCommon
41 of 160 The Tree of Life PersonCommon
42 of 160Lunch!ItemCommon
43 of 160CostumeItemCommon
44 of 160Mini-Computer & UR GogglesItemCommon
45 of 160Ofuda ScrollItemCommon
46 of 160Love LetterItemCommon
47 of 160Knight ArmorItemCommon
48 of 160Negaverse SwordItemCommon
49 of 160Damage TransferEventCommon
50 of 160Good Night’s RestEventCommon
51 of 160DetentionEventCommon
52 of 160Split AttackEventCommon
53 of 160Baby-SittingEventCommon
54 of 160Cram SchoolEventCommon
55 of 160TauntEventCommon
56 of 160Rats!EventCommon
57 of 160Combat TrainingEventCommon
58 of 160Run Away!EventCommon
59 of 160What’s That?EventCommon
60 of 160Fail a TestEventCommon
61 of 160BaamuMonsterUncommon
62 of 160IguaalaMonsterUncommon
63 of 160Rimwoir/Dream DollyMonsterUncommon
64 of 160Tensie/AkanMonsterUncommon
65 of 160Petasos/Gemini WarriorsMonstersUncommon
66 of 160Derela/KyameranMonstersUncommon
67 of 160JumoMonsterUncommon
68 of 160PoxMonsterUncommon
69 of 160NinjanaMonsterUncommon
70 of 160 Doom & Gloom Girls MonsterUncommon
71 of 160Water SpriteMonsterUncommon
72 of 160VampealMonsterUncommon
73 of 160MinotaurMonsterUncommon
74 of 160SkulkerMonsterUncommon
75 of 160InsectiaMonsterUncommon
76 of 160Jellax/DroidoMonsterUncommon
77 of 160RhondaMonsterUncommon
78 of 160MarzipanMonsterUncommon
79 of 160RegaliaMonsterUncommon
80 of 160InjectorMonsterUncommon
81 of 160MistrustMonsterUncommon
82 of 160 Artemis PersonUncommon
83 of 160 Ms. Haruna PersonUncommon
84 of 160 Andrew Furuhata PersonUncommon
85 of 160 Serena’s Parents PersonUncommon
86 of 160 Sammy Tsukino PersonUncommon
87 of 160Luna PenItemUncommon
88 of 160Negaverse CrystalItemUncommon
89 of 160Cardian FluteItemUncommon
90 of 160 Luna Ball ItemUncommon
91 of 160Dark FruitItemUncommon
92 of 160Dark Crystal WedgeItemUncommon
93 of 160FM No.10EventUncommon
94 of 160ConfusionEventUncommon
95 of 160Temple BlessingEventUncommon
96 of 160Discovery!EventUncommon
97 of 160Redistribute PowerEventUncommon
98 of 160Memories of the PastEventUncommon
99 of 160ResignationEventUncommon
100 of 160RegenerationEventUncommon
101 of 160Green Yoma from LondonEventUncommon
102 of 160HiddenEventUncommon
103 of 160More Dark PowerEventUncommon
104 of 160Not So ToughEventUncommon
105 of 160Negative Energy ShieldEventUncommon
106 of 160 Sailor Moon - Lvl 1Sailor ScoutUncommon
107 of 160 Sailor Mercury - Lvl 1Sailor ScoutUncommon
108 of 160 Sailor Mars - Lvl 1Sailor ScoutUncommon
109 of 160 Sailor Jupiter - Lvl 1Sailor ScoutUncommon
110 of 160 Sailor Venus - Lvl 1Sailor ScoutUncommon
111 of 160 Tuxedo Mask - Lvl 1KnightUncommon
112 of 160 Moonlight Knight - Lvl 1KnightUncommon
113 of 160 Prince Darien - Lvl 1KnightUncommon
114 of 160Sailor Moon - Lvl 2Sailor ScoutUncommon
115 of 160Sailor Mercury - Lvl 2Sailor ScoutUncommon
116 of 160Sailor Mars - Lvl 2Sailor ScoutUncommon
117 of 160Sailor Jupiter - Lvl 2Sailor ScoutUncommon
118 of 160Sailor Venus - Lvl 2Sailor ScoutUncommon
119 of 160 Jedite VillainUncommon
120 of 160 Zoycite VillainUncommon
121 of 160 Rini PersonRare
122 of 160Pocket CommunicatorItemRare
123 of 160Moon Star LocketItemRare
124 of 160Imperium Silver CrystalItemRare
125 of 160SpaceshipItemRare
126 of 160Negamoon BombItemRare
127 of 160On the BallEventRare
128 of 160Strength of the FallenEventRare
129 of 160Overpowering AttackEventRare
130 of 160Self-SacrificeEventRare
131 of 160Lose PowersEventRare
132 of 160Sailor Moon - Lvl 3Sailor ScoutRare
133 of 160Sailor Mercury - Lvl 3Sailor ScoutRare
134 of 160Sailor Mars - Lvl 3Sailor ScoutRare
135 of 160Sailor Jupiter - Lvl 3Sailor ScoutRare
136 of 160Sailor Venus - Lvl 3Sailor ScoutRare
137 of 160 Nephlite VillainRare
138 of 160 Malachite VillainRare
139 of 160Evil Prince DarienVillainRare
140 of 160 Alan VillainRare
141 of 160 Ann VillainRare
142 of 160 Catzi VillainRare
143 of 160 Bertie VillainRare
144 of 160 Avery VillainRare
145 of 160 Prizma VillainRare
146 of 160 Rubeus VillainRare
147 of 160 Emerald VillainRare
148 of 160 Sapphire VillainRare
149 of 160 Prince Diamond VillainRare
150 of 160 Wicked Lady VillainRare
151 of 160 Sailor Pluto EventUltra Rare
152 of 160Sailor Moon - Lvl 4Sailor ScoutUltra Rare
153 of 160Sailor Mercury - Lvl 4Sailor ScoutUltra Rare
154 of 160Sailor Mars - Lvl 4Sailor ScoutUltra Rare
155 of 160Sailor Jupiter - Lvl 4Sailor ScoutUltra Rare
156 of 160Sailor Venus - Lvl 4Sailor ScoutUltra Rare
157 of 160Tuxedo Mask - Lvl 2KnightUltra Rare
158 of 160 Queen Beryl VillainUltra Rare
159 of 160 Wiseman VillainUltra Rare
160 of 160 The Negaforce VillainUltra Rare


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