Shelley Williams

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Shelley Williams
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Carolyn Pickles
First appearance7 July 2003
Last appearance17 March 2005
Introduced by Steve Frost (2003)
Kathleen Beedles (2005)
Classification Former; regular

Shelley Williams is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale , played by Carolyn Pickles.




Shelley fell in love with Alan Turner (Richard Thorp), only to face violent opposition from his psychopathic daughter, Steph (Lorraine Chase). Shelley and Steph later became sworn enemies. Shelley left the village for a while but returned to see Alan, much to Steph's annoyance. Alan was "ill" in bed being "looked after" by Steph at this point. Steph lied to Shelley and told her that Alan was asleep and did not want to be disturbed. Shelley told Steph that she was going to collect her things and to see Alan. Steph was angry and pushed Shelley down the cellar stairs and tied her to a chair and gagged her. Shelley later attempted to escape by pushing a pile of boxes onto Steph and kicking Steph in the ribs. However, Steph had the keys to the door of the cellar and grabbed Shelley by the hair and told her that they were going on a little trip only Shelley would not be coming back. After everyone found out what Steph had been doing to Alan, the police questioned her about Shelley's disappearance. Steph told the police she could not remember. Steph was in jail and was having flashbacks of her killing Shelley.

When Alan and some other village residents gathered in Shelley's memorial garden Shelley turned up when Alan was on his own. Alan was shocked but delighted to see her alive and well. Shelley told Alan that Steph took her to the woods the day she was in the cellar and that Steph told her to run or she would kill her. When the police discovered Shelly was alive Steph was released. Steph returned to the village and tried to make amends with Shelley and Alan, including Alan's friends in the village. Although Alan thought it would be a good idea to give his daughter a chance, Shelley told Alan that she was evil and can never be forgiven. Shelley confronted Steph in the church and told Steph that she is back and that Steph can never hurt her or Alan again. Steph asked if they could be friends but Shelley told Steph to go to hell.

Shelley hated staying in the village whilst Steph was around and decided to leave. Shelley and Alan said farewell and Shelley left in a taxi. Steph told Alan that she would track Shelley down for him and convince her to come back. So Steph tried her hardest to find Shelley. She eventually found her on a ferry. Shelley tried to run away from Steph. When a member of the crew saw Steph had no ticket she was forced to leave the ferry. Shelley shouted good riddance as Steph was walking off. As the ferry began making its way, Shelley went to the top deck and smiled in relief that Steph has gone. However, Steph made it onto the ferry again and tapped Shelley on the shoulder and said "surprise", much to Shelley's horror. Shelley was furious and began insulting Steph by saying that Alan loves her and Tricia more than Steph, and that all Steph has left is her age. Steph turned round and told Shelley she was coming back to Emmerdale with her. However when Steph grabbed hold of her arm Shelley forced herself back and slipped over the railings and fell into the freezing cold sea below. Shelley was last seen struggling in the water and it is still unknown if she is really dead or not. Steph was shocked and knew she would get the blame for Shelley's death. So she threw her suitcase in the water then left the ferry as if nothing happened.

Much later, Shelley's suitcase was found off the coast of Scotland and her bank account had not been touched, despite a large balance. Alan was more convinced that Shelley may be dead. Steph later admitted to her father that the struggle with Shelley was an accident but she is dead.

Steph was in court for her brother, Terence Turner's (Nick Brimble) death, despite her husband, Adam Forsythe (Richard Shelton), being responsible for Terence's death. Steph admitted to the court that she watched someone die (referring to Shelley, not Terence). She and her manipulative husband, who later committed suicide in prison, were sentenced to life imprisonment for Terence's murder. Alan was proud of Steph's brave confession for paying for the mistake of Shelley's death.


In 2015, Val Pollard (Charlie Hardwick) was inspired by Shelley's death when planning to fake her own death to avoid going to prison and persuaded her husband Eric Pollard (Chris Chittell) to go along with it.

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