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Skoger is a village located on the border between Buskerud and Vestfold counties, Norway. Of its population of 1,082 as of 2005, 654 were registered as residents of Drammen whereas 428 live in Sande in Vestfold county, Norway. [1]

Buskerud County (fylke) of Norway

Buskerud is a county in Norway, bordering Akershus, Oslo, Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Telemark and Vestfold. The county extends from the Oslofjord and Drammensfjorden in the southeast to Hardangervidda mountain range in the northwest. The county administration is located in Drammen. Together with Akershus and Østfold, Buskerud will form the new, larger county Viken, from 1 January 2020.

Vestfold County (fylke) of Norway

Vestfold[²vɛstfɔl](listen) is a county in Norway, on the western shore of the Oslofjord. It borders Buskerud and Telemark. The county administration is in Tønsberg, Norway's oldest city, and the largest city is Sandefjord. With the exception of the city-county of Oslo, Vestfold is the smallest county in Norway by area.

Norway constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, is a Nordic country in Northwestern Europe whose territory comprises the western and northernmost portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula; the remote island of Jan Mayen and the archipelago of Svalbard are also part of the Kingdom of Norway. The Antarctic Peter I Island and the sub-Antarctic Bouvet Island are dependent territories and thus not considered part of the kingdom. Norway also lays claim to a section of Antarctica known as Queen Maud Land.



Historically the area had large forested areas, and much arable land. Reference to Skoger is made in the land register maintained by Bishop Eystein Erlendsson (Biskop Eysteins jordebok). The parish of Skouger was established as a municipality January 1, 1838 under of the law of formannskapsdistrikt. This provision of the Constitution of Norway, required that every parish (Norwegian: prestegjeld) form a local self-government district. Skoger with 1,837 inhabitants merged with Strømsgodset with 731 inhabitants, as well as an uninhabited part of Eiker on January 1, 1844. The enlarged Skoger municipality had a population of 2,568. Until 1889 the name was written Skouger.

Formannskapsdistrikt is the name for Norwegian local self-government districts that were legally enacted on 1 January 1838. This system of municipalities was created in a bill approved by the Parliament of Norway and signed into law by King Carl Johan on 14 January 1837. The formannskaps law, which fulfilled an express requirement of the Constitution of Norway, required that every parish form a formannsskapsdistrikt (municipality) on 1 January 1838. In this way, the parishes of the state Church of Norway became worldly, administrative districts as well. In total, 396 formannsskapsdistrikts were created under this law, and different types of formannskapsdistrikts were created, also:

The Constitution of Norway was first adopted on 16 May and subsequently signed and dated on 17 May 1814 by the Norwegian Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll. It was at the time considered to be one of the most liberal or radically democratic constitutions in the world, and it is today the second oldest single-document national constitution in Europe after the Constitution of Poland and second oldest in the world still in continuous force after the United States Constitution, as the Polish 3 May Constitution survived for less than 2 years. 17 May is the National Day of Norway.


Strømsgodset is a former municipality in Vestfold county, Norway, today a part of the city of Drammen.

A part of Skoger was moved to Drammen on 1 January 1870. The rest of Skoger was incorporated into Drammen on 1 January 1964. This entailed a border adjustment by which Skoger became a part of Buskerud county.

Drammen Municipality in Buskerud, Norway

Drammen is a city in Buskerud, Norway. The port and river city of Drammen is centrally located in the eastern and most populated part of Norway. Drammen is the capital of the county of Buskerud.

Skoger Parish

Skoger has two parish churches both of which are part of the Church of Norway and belongs to Drammen deanery in Tunsberg diocese. Access to both sites is via Norwegian National Road 33 ( FV33). Skoger Church (Skoger kirke) was inaugurated on 9 December 1885. It is built of brick stone and has 300 seats. Skoger Old Church (Skoger gamle kirke) has an estimated date of origin of between 1200 and 1220 and is one of Drammen's oldest buildings. [2] [3] [4]

Church of Norway Evangelical-Lutheran denomination in Norway

The Church of Norway is an evangelical Lutheran denomination of Protestant Christianity and by far the largest Christian church in Norway, with membership mandatory for everyone until the 19th century.

Diocese of Tunsberg

Tunsberg is a diocese of the Church of Norway. It includes parishes located within the counties of Vestfold and Buskerud, with the cathedral located in Tønsberg. The Diocese of Tunsberg consists of the cathedral deanery and 9 rural deaneries.


The Old Norse form of the name was Skógar. The name is the plural form of skóg meaning 'woodland, forest'.

Old Norse North Germanic language

Old Norse was a North Germanic language that was spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and inhabitants of their overseas settlements from about the 9th to the 13th century.

Notable residents

Kai Fjell Norwegian artist

Kai Breder Fjell was a Norwegian painter, printmaker and scenographer.

Heidi Marie Tjugum is a Norwegian team handball player and goalkeeper, and World Champion from 1999. She was born in Drammen. She received a silver medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. She received a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Norwegian Champion x 2: 1992 and 2003
Danish Champion x 4: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
German Cup: 2007

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Strømsø neighbourhood in Drammen, Norway

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Vivestad church Church in Re, Norway

Vivestad church is located in Vivestad parish in Re in Vestfold, Norway.

Eric Gustaf Tunmarck was a Swedish-Norwegian painter.


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