Star of the Circus

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Star of the Circus
Star of the Circus.jpg
Directed by Albert de Courville
Produced by Walter C. Mycroft
Written byHeinrich Seiler (novel)
Hans H. Zerlett
Dudley Leslie
Elizabeth Meehan
John Monk Saunders
Starring Otto Kruger
Gertrude Michael
John Clements
Patrick Barr
Music by Leo Leux
Cinematography Claude Friese-Greene
Edited byLionel Tomlinson
Distributed by Associated British Film Distributors
Release date
15 March 1938
Running time
68 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Star of the Circus is a 1938 British drama film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Otto Kruger, Gertrude Michael and John Clements. It is a remake of the 1937 German circus film Truxa , itself based on a novel by Heinrich Seiler. It was made at Elstree Studios. [1]



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