Strangers on Honeymoon

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Strangers on Honeymoon
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Directed by Albert de Courville
Produced byHaworth Bromley
Written by Laird Doyle
Sidney Gilliat
Julian Houston
Ralph Spence
Bryan Edgar Wallace
Based onnovel The Northing Tramp by Edgar Wallace
Starring Constance Cummings
Hugh Sinclair
Noah Beery
Beatrix Lehmann
Music by Jack Beaver
Cinematography Mutz Greenbaum
Edited byCyril Randell
Distributed by Gaumont British Distributors
Release date
18 January 1937
Running time
66 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Strangers on Honeymoon is a 1936 British comedy film directed by Albert de Courville and starring Constance Cummings, Hugh Sinclair and Noah Beery, based on the 1926 novel The Northing Tramp by Edgar Wallace. [1] Much of the film takes place in Canada. It was made by Gainsborough Pictures at the Lime Grove Studios in Shepherd's Bush. The film's sets were designed by the art director Ernö Metzner. [2] Wallace's son (Bryan Edgar Wallace) also contributed to the film's screenplay, along with 5 other writers. [3]



Young orphan October (Constance Cummings) flees from an arranged marriage with Wilfred (James Arnold), to wed gentleman tramp Quigley (Hugh Sinclair) for a bet. However, Quigley is secretly an English nobleman on the run for a murder he did not commit. Events escalate when a cousin of the jilted Wilfred hires a pair of hoodlums (Noah Beery & David Burns) to bump off Quigley.


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