Joey Boy (film)

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Joey Boy
"Joey Boy" (1965 film).jpg
Directed by Frank Launder
Written byFrank Launder
Mike Watts (adaptation and screenplay)
Based ona novel by Eddie Chapman
Produced by Sidney Gilliat
Starring Harry H. Corbett
Stanley Baxter
Bill Fraser
Percy Herbert
Lance Percival
Reg Varney
Cinematography Arthur Lavis
Edited byJohn Shirley
Music by Philip Green
Distributed by British Lion Films (UK)
Release date
Running time
91 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

Joey Boy is a 1965 British comedy war film directed by Frank Launder and starring Harry H. Corbett, Stanley Baxter, Bill Fraser, Percy Herbert, Lance Percival, Reg Varney and Thorley Walters. [1] [2] The film was based on the 1959 novel by Eddie Chapman. [3]



After a gang of London Spivs are arrested for running an illegal gambling den during the Second World War they are offered a choice between prison and a tour of duty with the British Army putting their unique talents to work.



British Lion had been owned by the government. In 1964 the Conservative government had it denationalised. Among the films made by British Lion in its first year of independence were Joey Boy, Rotten to the Core , Dr Who and the Daleks and Dr Terror's House of Horrors . By November 1965 British Lion were seeking re-nationalisation. [4]

Critical reception

The Guardian called it a "hopelessly ramshackle vehicle" for Harry Corbett. [5]

Britmovie wrote, "despite pretensions to follow in the same vein as the Boulting Brothers Private's Progress there’s a distinct lack of humour here, the combined talents of TV comics Harry H. Corbett, Reg Varney and Stanley Baxter are sadly wasted in this fitful film." [6]

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