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TOP Team

TOP tým
ChairmanPetr Kučera
Founded2011 [1]
Headquarters Prague
Membership300 [2]
Ideology Pro-Europeanism
Liberal conservatism
Political position Centre-right
National affiliation TOP 09
International affiliation Youth of the European People's Party (full member)

TOP Team is a youth wing of TOP 09. TOP Team exists since 2011. It was founded as an independent organisation to help TOP 09 during elections. It became party's official organisation in 2017. [3] [4]


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A leadership election for the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) was held on 29 November in Kopřivnice. Václav Klaus was reelected as party's leader. He received 220 votes while 48 delegates voted against him. Klaus's victory was considered certain. Václav Benda had a speech during the election in which he criticised Klaus' politics. Election was marked by technical problems. After voting was finished, it was found out that there were 5 moe votes than delegates. Election was then repeated.

Finále Plzeň Film Festival film festival

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The Young Christian Democrats of Czech Republic is a political youth organisation in the Czech Republic. It is a youth wing of Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party. It was founded in 1998 a JuniorClub. It changed its name to the Young Christian Democrats of Czech Republic in 2004.

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