The Half-Breed (1916 film)

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The Half-Breed
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Directed by Allan Dwan
Written by Anita Loos
Based ona story by Bret Harte In The Carquinez Woods
Produced by D. W. Griffith
Starring Douglas Fairbanks
Cinematography Victor Fleming
Distributed byTriangle
Release date
July 30, 1916
Running time
73 minutes
LanguageSilent..English titles

The Half-Breed is a 1916 film directed by Allan Dwan. It stars Douglas Fairbanks as Lo ("Sleeping Water") Dorman a man competing for the love of the local preacher's daughter (Jewel Carmen) with the local sheriff (Sam De Grasse). The audience, however, are informed that Sheriff Dunn is actually Lo's father.


Monica Nolan has suggested that the film follows the "common strategy of exposing racism and then evading a real confrontation with its consequences" by arranging for Lo to meet a more worthy (and politically acceptable) love interest, Teresa (Alma Rubens), "who, as both a Mexican and an outlaw, is his social equal." [1]

The film was shot at in Sequoia National Park and near Santa Cruz, California. [1]

Prints and/or fragments were found in the Dawson Film Find in 1978.


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