The Rough and the Smooth

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The Rough and the Smooth
The Rough and the Smooth.jpg
Directed by Robert Siodmak
Written by Robin Maugham (novel)
Audrey Erskine Lindop
Dudley Leslie
Produced by George Minter
Robert Siodmak
Starring Nadja Tiller
Tony Britton
William Bendix
Natasha Parry
Cinematography Otto Heller
Edited by Gordon Pilkington
Music by Douglas Gamley
George Minter Productions
Distributed by Renown Pictures
Release date
October 1959
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English

The Rough and the Smooth (alternative title: Portrait of a Sinner) is a 1959 British drama film directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Nadja Tiller, Tony Britton, William Bendix and Natasha Parry. The screenplay concerns an archaeologist who has an affair with a German woman, putting his engagement to another woman in jeopardy. [1]


The film was shot at the MGM-British Studios and on location around London. [2]

It was based on the 1951 novel by Robin Maugham. It was distributed in Germany by Gloria Film. In 1961 it was given an American release by American International Pictures.


In late 1950s London an upper-class archeologist Mike Thompson (Tony Britton) by chance meets a mysterious German woman Ila Hansen (Nadja Tiller) in a bar; later they share a taxi and he takes her back to the house where

he lives with his parents. They embark on a torrid love affair during which she constantly lies and deceives him and threatens to ruin his long-term relationship with his fiancee, Margaret Goreham (Natasha Parry).


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