Thomas Yule

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Thomas Yule
Personal information
Full nameThomas Litster Yule
Nationality Briton
Born (1976-03-15) 15 March 1976 (age 44)
Johannesburg, South Africa
Residence Sheffield, United Kingdom
Height1.82 m (5 ft 11 12 in)
Weight94 kg (207 lb)
Sport Weightlifting
Event(s)94 kg and 105 kg

Thomas ("Tommy") Litster Yule (born 15 March 1976) [1] is a male former weightlifter.


Weightlifting career

Born in South Africa, he represented Great Britain at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. [2]

He represented England and won three silver medals in the 105 kg category, at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [3] [4] The three medals were won during an unusual period when three medals were awarded in one category (clean and jerk, snatch and combined) which invariably led to the same athlete winning all three of the same colour medal. [5]

Yule then twice claimed a bronze medal for Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in 2002 and 2006. [1]


Yule was educated at Park House School and then St Batholomew's School in Newbury before attending Brasenose College, University of Oxford where in 1998 he received an MEng degree in Engineering Science.

Major results

YearVenueWeightSnatch (kg)Clean & Jerk (kg)TotalRank
Representing Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain
Olympic Games
2000 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Sydney, Australia 105 kg 155.0155.0155.0
World Championships
2007 Flag of Thailand.svg Chiang Mai, Thailand 94 kg 142147147381701751753631735
2003 Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg Vancouver, Canada 94 kg 150.0150.0150.0175.0185.0190.030
1999 Flag of Greece.svg Athens, Greece 105 kg 155.0160.0165.024195.0195.0200.025365.024
1998 Flag of Finland.svg Lahti, Finland 105 kg 150.0155.0157.523187.5187.5190.0
European Championships
2008 Flag of Italy.svg Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy 94 kg142142142
2007 Flag of France.svg Strasbourg, France 94 kg144146146161771771811632316
2003 Flag of Greece.svg Loutraki, Greece 94 kg145.0150.0155.014175.0185.0185.012335.012
2000 Flag of Bulgaria.svg Sofia, Bulgaria 105 kg160.0165.0167.514192.5197.5202.513362.512
1998 Flag of Germany.svg Riesa, Germany 105 kg150.0150.0152.515182.5182.5190.012342.512
Representing Flag of Scotland.svg  Scotland
Commonwealth Games *
2010 Flag of India.svg Delhi, India 105 kg 145147151518018018453276
2006 Flag of Australia (converted).svg Melbourne, Australia 94 kg14615115321751811816326Bronze medal icon.svg [6]
2002 Flag of England.svg Manchester, England 94 kg147.5152.5157.5Bronze medal icon.svg182.5182.5185.0 [7]

* By 2002, medals were awarded in all three categories.

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