Thriving Ivory (album)

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Thriving Ivory
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Studio album by
ReleasedMay 18, 2003
Genre Indie rock, pop rock
Label Wolfgang, Wind-up
Producer Chris Manning, Howard Benson
Thriving Ivory chronology
Thriving Ivory
Through Yourself & Back Again
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2003 album cover
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Thriving Ivory is the self-titled debut album of American rock band Thriving Ivory. The album was originally released on May 18, 2003 on the Wolfgang label, and re-released on June 21, 2008 on Wind-up Records. The sound of their self-titled release was inspired by bands such as U2 and Coldplay. The album peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. [2]


Song information

Keyboard player Scott Jason told Songfacts the track "Alien", "is the most personal song [to me] on the record. That song is about my brother. And my brother, he's a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant kid, a full scholarship to Berkeley, and he's gone through some pretty heavy stuff. So that song is really personal." [3]

Track listing

Wind-up Records, 2008

All tracks are written by Scott Jason (with Clayton Stroope).

2."Angels on the Moon"4:13
4."Hey Lady"3:48
6."Secret Life"4:31
7."Long Hallway with a Broken Light"4:51
9."For Heaven's Sake"3:43
11."Light Up Mississippi"3:29
12."Day of Rain"4:41

Wolfgang Records, 2003

2."Angels on the Moon"4:21
4."For Heaven's Sake"3:44
5."Hey Lady"4:18
6."Light Up Mississippi"3:25
9."Secret Life"4:31
10."Flowers for a Ghost"4:11
11."Long Hallway with a Broken Light"4:43
12."Day of Rain"4:39

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Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory was an American rock band based in the San Francisco Bay area. They released their self-titled Wind-up Records debut album on June 24, 2008. The debut album reached No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart on the strength of the charting single "Angels on the Moon". After half a year, "Angels on the Moon" appeared on the US Pop 100 Chart, reaching number 28. Several songs off of the record were recorded with award-winning producer Howard Benson.

Angels on the Moon 2008 single by Thriving Ivory

"Angels on the Moon" is a song written by Scott Jason and Clayton Stroope and recorded by their band, Thriving Ivory. It was released in March 2008 as the lead single from the re-release of the group's self-titled album, released on Wind-Up Records. The song was used on the debut of VH1's Scream Queens. It was originally recorded in 2002 for their self-titled album.

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