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Thy Will Be Done
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Background information
Origin Providence, Rhode Island
Genres Groove metal, metalcore
Years active2005 (2005)–present
LabelsU.S.:Stillborn Records, [1] Eye.On Lion Recordings Japan: Toy's Factory [1]
MembersJ. Costa
Matt Marcel [2]
Kurt Fraunfelter
Jay Waterman
Chris Côte [3]
Past membersChris Robinson
Chris Drapeau
Brendan Misturado [4]
Rob Gil [5]
Eric Tavares [6]
Bob Harris [5]

Thy Will Be Done is an American heavy metal band formed in 2005 from Providence, Rhode Island. [7] The ensemble has released studio albums Was and Is to Come [8] and In Ancient of Days via Stillborn Records [8] [9] as well as EP Temple via Eye.On Lion Recordings. [10]


The band toured with DevilDriver, Suffocation, and Goatwhore [11] with fill-in bassist Jeff Golden who would later go on to join Crowbar. [12]

In 2012, the band performed with Metallica at Orion Music + More [13] as well as Party To The Apocalypse 2012 starring Shadows Fall, God Forbid and Trumpet The Harlot. [14] [15] [16]

In December 2015, Thy Will Be Done had been working on the follow-up to their, 'Temple' EP when the band's drummer, Jay Waterman, suffered cardiac arrest amidst tracking the band's new album, resulting in a two-year break from performances for the band. [17]

On November 11, 2016, via their Facebook page, the band announced they are working on a new album.[ citation needed ]

Thy Will Be Done has been occasionally misidentified as a 'Religious Band', but they do not have a religious agenda and think that that is mainly a "personal journey". [18]


Studio albums



Studio and Live Lineup

Thy Will Be Done

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