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Logo TiJi 2019.png
Country France
Broadcast area France
Headquarters Paris
Kazakh [1] (continuity and bumpers in Russian)
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Owner M6 Group (Merger with TF1 Group pending)
LaunchedDecember 15, 2000;21 years ago (2000-12-15)
Website www.tiji.fr

TiJi is a French, Kazakh & Russian television channel for children aged three to six



Launched in 2000, it was the first channel in France to specialize in programming for preschool-aged children. A Russian feed was launched in 2009, airing all programming dubbed into Russian. In January 31, 2022, a Kazakh audio track was added for the Russian feed of the channel, airing most of the channel's programs with voice-overs for the audience in Kazakhstan. [2]

On 1 February 2019, M6 Group had entered negotiations with Lagardère Active to acquire their television pole, including TiJi, Gulli and Canal J. [3]

On October 21, 2019, the cloud remains the same but adds small changes, somewhat inspired by the current Canal J logo with also a new look and a new sound jingle. [4]


As of March 2009, TiJi was in the top five of thematic channels in France, with the audience share of 0.6%. It was also the second most popular channel among children after Canal J, with the audience share of 4% among children aged four to ten. [5]

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