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Logo TiJi 2019.png
LaunchedDecember 15, 2000;19 years ago (2000-12-15)
Owned by M6 Group
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV)
Audience share0.6% (March 2009 [1] , )
Slogan« TiJi, et les petits deviennent plus grands »
Country France
Language French, Russian
Broadcast area France, Russia
Headquarters Paris
Website www.tiji.fr
Canal+ Channel 134
My-HD (Middle East & North Africa)11230 V - 27500 - 3/4 (HD)
Fransat Channel 68
NOS (Portugal)Channel 181
Canal+ Afrique Channel 90
Canal+ Calédonie Channel 134
Swisscom (Suisse)Channel 31
SFR Channel 203
SFR Luxembourg Channel 113
Voo (Wallonia & Brussels)Channel 75
Telenet (Wallonia & Brussels)Channel 416
UPC Switzerland Channel 195
Naxoo Channel 157
Bouygues Telecom Channel 113
Orange Channel 94
Free Channel 142
Proximus TV Channel 43 (Wallonia & Brussels)
Channel 293 (Flanders)
Scarlet (Belgium)Channel 152

TiJi is a French television channel for children under seven.



Launched in 2000, it was the first channel in France to specialize in programming for children under 7.

On 1 February 2019, M6 Group has entered negotiations with Lagardère Active to acquire his television pole, including Tiji. [2]


As of March 2009, TiJi was in the Top 5 of thematic channels in France, with the audience share of 0.6%. It was also the second most popular channel among children after Canal J, with the audience share of 4% among children aged 4–10. [1]

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