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Tiffany Chen
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(1959-01-15) 15 January 1959 (age 62)
Other names向太陳嵐
OccupationFilm producer and vice-chairman of China star entertainment ltd
Spouse(s) Charles Heung
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 陳嵐
Simplified Chinese 陈岚

Tiffany Chen Ming-Yin is a Hong Kong administrative producer for films made by China Star Entertainment Group. Chen has been named one of The Hollywood Reporter s international Women in Entertainment. Women in Entertainment is an annual list of 100 women power players in Hollywood as well as selected influential women film executives overseas. Chen is the wife of actor-turned-film producer/presenter Charles Heung.[ citation needed ].They have 2 sons together.



She has ancestral home in Heilongjiang. As a Taiwanese native, Chen moved to Hong Kong in the early 1980s when she married film producer, now-China Star chairman Charles Heung. At his persuasion, Chen quit her career in trading and submerged herself in the world of films, working with Heung in entertainment outfit Win's Entertainment. In 1984, Heung formed Win's Entertainment Ltd and formed China Star Entertainment Ltd in 1997,which later, beside the Golden Harvest Company became one of the most successful studios in Hong Kong.[ citation needed ]

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Chen stated:

It's always hard starting out, whether you're a man or a woman: When I started helping my husband, I didn't know anything about the business; I would call people up all the time and ask relentless questions.[ citation needed ]

She has since helped Heung build China Star into a media empire with interests in Hong Kong and Mainland China.[ citation needed ] On the credits for China Star films, Chen is usually listed as administrative producer. Under her leadership, China Star films have done remarkably well at the box office. These include the 2000s films Needing You, Love on a Diet, and Lost in Time.[ citation needed ]

"I've learnt very early on that it's all about trust. The artists trust that we'll do right by them and my colleagues trust that, though my contacts, I can help solve whatever problems they encounter." said Chen.[ citation needed ]

Chen serves as both vice-chairman and administrative producer for China Star Entertainment Group, which has now become one of the most powerful film companies in Hong Kong. She has long since helped Heung build China Star into a media empire with interests in Hong Kong and Mainland China.[ citation needed ]

Chen and Li were with their families in the Maldives the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami swept throughout South Asia, which inspired the creation of the Jet Li One Foundation, on which Chen serves as Director, to aid victims of natural disasters.[ citation needed ]

In 2007 One Foundation was expanded to Mainland China. Apart from making donation, Chen also raised funds from her friends Pierre Chen, Choi Chi Ming, Chu Yuet Wah, Mr Li Chi Keung and his wife for the startup of Jet Li One Foundation in Mainland China. In 2010 Chen proposed Jet Li One Foundation (Hong Kong) to donate an amount of HK$1 million to Project Vision Charitable Foundation, a charity organisation which provide free cataract surgery for underprivileged senior patients. In 2012, with the donation of Jet Li One Foundation (Hong Kong), the Project Vision Charitable Foundation has already performed 100 cataract surgeries for senior citizens in need.[ citation needed ]

Personal life

In 1980, Chen married Charles Heung. They have 2 sons, Jacky and Johnathan. Jacky is also a martial actor.

Chen reportedly criticized pro-democracy protesters during the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests. [1]

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