Tiger Joginder Singh

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Tiger Joginder Singh
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Birth nameJoginder Singh
Village Sheron, Tarn Taran, Punjab, British India
Died1 August 1990(1990-08-01) (aged 70–71)
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Tiger Joginder / Jokinder
Tiger Joginder Singh
Billed height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
Billed weight270 lb (122 kg)
Billed fromPunjab, India
Trained byHarnam Singh

Joginder Singh (1919-August 1, 1990) was an Indian professional wrestler. He was the first All Asia Tag Team Champion, along with King Kong. [1] He was one of the top professional wrestlers of India at that time. [2]


Early life

He was born in village Sheron, Tarn Taran, Punjab, British India into a Sikh family. [3]

Professional wrestling career


In 1948, Tiger Joginder and Arjan Singh Das were signed by Great World's wrestling promoters, where he competed against many top wrestlers like King Kong, Bill Verna, George Zbisko, Tiger Ray Holden and Seelie Samara, and earned fame worldwide. [4]

United States

Wrestling poster featuring Tiger Joginder and Chief Thunderbird in the main event Tiger Joginder vs Chief Thunderbird Poster.jpg
Wrestling poster featuring Tiger Joginder and Chief Thunderbird in the main event

Tiger wrestled in the United States in the late 1940s to the early 1950s, with wrestlers such as The French Angel, Ted Christy, Kola Kwariani, Jack Dempsey, Oki Shikina, Lord Carlton, and Benny Trudel. On 8 March 1950, his match with Chief Thunderbird at Paramount Theatre had attracted much interest. [5]


In 1954, Tiger competed in the Rustam-e-Hind (Champion of India) tournament, but lost in the final to Dara Singh. [6] The same year, he defeated European Heavyweight Champion Bert Assirati in front of the 50,000 spectators at Bombay. [7] In 1959, he competed in another professional wrestling tournament Commonwealth Championship, but didn't succeed. [8]


On 16 November 1955 in the Japan Wrestling Association, he and King Kong defeated Rikidōzan and Harold Sakata in a two out of three falls match at JWA All Asia Championship tournament final to crown the inaugural All Asia Tag Team Champions. [9] But he failed to capture the All Asia Heavyweight Championship in the single competition. [10]


He also did acting in some Indian films in the 1960s with fellow wrestlers Dara Singh, King Kong and Randhawa.

1964Samson Hindi films
Jagga Punjabi film
HerculesWrestler Hindi films
Sandhya Deeper Sikha Bengali film
1965Saat Samundar PaarWrestler Hindi films
Panch Ratan (1965)rebel
Mahabharat Hidimba
1966Rustom Kaun

Championship and accomplishments

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