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Released4 March 2003
Label One Little Indian Records
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Tigermouth (so named for the lead singer's unique canine teeth dentition) is the first solo studio album by singer-songwriter Kelli Ali released in 2003.


Previously, Ali was the lead vocalist for Sneaker Pimps, a trip-hop group, who are best known for their 1996 album Becoming X which featured Ali on vocals.

Ali co-produced and co-wrote the album with internationally renowned producers, Rick Nowels and Marius de Vries.

Singles released off the album include, "Kids", "Inferno High Love", and "Teardrop Hittin' The Ground".


Tigermouth was recorded primarily in Los Angeles at the home studios of hit-making producer Rick Nowels . Nowels' knack with radio-friendly hooks and the sunny climate of L.A. clearly informed Tigermouth, which is a bright, lush, and unabashedly pop-oriented record. Tigermouth stands in stark contrast to the moody, atmospheric sounds associated with Ali's Sneaker Pimps recordings.

However, because of this new sound and her high-profile collaborators, some in the British press dismissed the album as a blatant grab for "mainstream" success. Ali herself responded to this criticism a year later on her website:

Nothing could have been further from my mind... For the sake of ease and sales, it is easier for the media to "understand" what it is they're selling but rest assured, I make music with all my heart and soul without any commercial interest what so ever [sic] and I am glad that I made Tigermouth when and how and with whom I made it. The doubters may kiss my sorry ass.

Tigermouth was not a commercial success upon its release, despite its radio-friendly disposition.

Track listing

All songs written by Kelli Ali and Rick Nowels except where noted:

1."Inferno High Love" 3:44
2."Teardrop Hittin' the Ground" 3:15
3."Keep on Dreaming" 3:42
4."Angel in L.A." 4:59
5."Here Comes the Summer" 3:36
6."Fellow Man"Ali, Nowels, Wayne Rodrigues5:22
7."Sunlight in the Rain"Ali, Marius de Vries 4:37
8."Beautiful Boy"Ali, Vries5:19
9."Queen of the World" 4:09
10."Wings in Motion" 2:50
11."The Infinite Stars" 4:36
12."Kids" ("Tigermouth" (4:45) starts at 6:34) 11:18
Total length:57:27



Tigermouth-era B-Sides

Tigermouth Official Track Remixes

Tigermouth Promotional Version Info

The promotional version of Tigermouth was released on 24 June 2002 with "Paper Moon" as track number nine, in between "The Infinite Stars" and "Kids". "Moon" was later released in 2003 as a B-side to the "Teardrop Hittin' The Ground" single. The "Tigermouth" promotional version listed "Teardrop Hittin' The Ground" under its original title, "Teardrop", and did not contain the following tracks, which are featured on the final release: "Keep On Dreaming", "Beautiful Boy" and "Wings In Motion". It also included an alternate version of "The Infinite Stars" with quieter electric guitars.

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