Tilburg Trappers

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Tilburg Trappers
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Division Oberliga Nord
Home arena IJssportcentrum Stappegoor (capacity 2,500)
City Tilburg, North Brabant
Team colorsBlue, yellow, white
Head coach Doug Mason
Captain Kilian van Gorp
Minor league affiliates Tilburg Trappers Toekomstteam (Eredivision)

ChampionshipsOberliga: 3 (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) Dutch: 15


Dutch cups: 15
Official website www.trappers.nl

The Tilburg Trappers are a professional ice hockey club based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. They previously played in the highest level ice hockey league in the country, but have been playing in the German Oberliga Nord since the 2015-16 season. Founded on 21 October 1938, they were officially recognised by the National Federation on 18 January 1939. The Trappers were crowned Eredivisie champions for the first time in the 1946-47 season, adding another 14 National Dutch Championships, 15 Dutch National Cups and 3 German Oberliga Championships over the years.

The club has an amateur branch, which is a separate legal entity and plays in the highest Dutch league (Eredivsie). The Trappers play their home games in the Stappegoor IJssportcentrum Tilburg.

Season results

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, OTW = Overtime Wins, OTL = Overtime Losses, L = Losses, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, Pts = Points

2005/06 20712107064256th, EredivisieDid not qualify
2006/07 20121258855402nd, EredivisieWon National Championship against Vadeko Flyers Heerenveen (3-0)
2007/08 242010313258621st, EredivisieWon National Championship against Vadeko Flyers Heerenveen (3-1)
2008/09 241810514278561st, EredivisieLost finals to The Hague (2-3)
2009/10 281712813586553rd, EredivisieLost finals to Nijmegen(0-3)
2010/11 281901812070582nd, North Sea CupLost finals to HYS The Hague(1-4)
2011/12 14110038036333rd, North Sea CupLost semi-finals to Geleen (0-3)
2012/13 362523682198932nd, EredivisieLost Finals to HYS The Hague (0W-3L)
2013/14 363024464216641st, EredivisieWon Dutch Championship against HYS The Hague (4-2)
2014/15 241720538126532nd, EredivisieWon Dutch Championship against UNIS Flyers Heerenveen (5-2)
2015/16 574031111302841192nd, Oberliga NordWon Oberliga Championship against EHC Bayreuth (3-0)
2016/17 604213141312631454th, Oberliga NordWon Oberliga Championship against Tölzer Löwen (3-1)
2017/18 59438351102651291st, Oberliga NordWon Oberliga Championship against Deggendorfer SC (3-1)
2018/19 654465101503231741st, Oberliga NordLost Oberliga Championship Finals against EV Landshut (2-3)
2019/20 44316611062101171st, Oberliga NordSeason ended before the play-offs due to Covid-19
2020/2141273110972001142nd, Oberliga NordLost in Oberliga North playoffs (1-2)




Nr.NameBirthdateBirthplaceHeightL/RTrapper since seasonLast team
33 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ruud LeeuwesteijnJanuary 3, 1997Dordrecht, Netherlands187 cmL2015/16Eindhoven Kemphanen/NIJA
39 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ian MeierdresDecember 24, 1988Breda, Netherlands178 cmL2003/04


Nr.NameBirthdateBirthplaceHeightL/RTrapper since seasonLast team
4 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Canada.svg Ryan CollierAugust 9, 1991Amsterdam, Netherlands175 cmL2015/16Bowdoin College -Brunswick, Maine, USA
7 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Russia.svg Alexey LoginovJanuari 8, 1993Saratov, Russia178 cmL2016/17Zauralie Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast, Russia
13 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jordy VerkielDecember 23, 1996Dordrecht, Netherlands183 cmR2010/11
16 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Kilian van GorpDecember 17, 1995Udenhout, Netherlands191 cmL2014/15Eindhoven Kemphanen
21 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Floris van EltenMay 21, 2000EIndhoven, Netherlands188 cmR2018/19
22 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Boet van GestelSeptember 21, 1995Goirle, Netherlands178 cmL2015/16Eindhoven Kemphanen
44 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jordy van Oorschot "A"August 7, 1987Rotterdam, Netherlands182 cmL2014/15HYS The Hague


Nr.NameBirthdateBirthplaceHeightL/RTrapper since seasonLast team
11 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Wouter SarsSeptember 6, 2000Tilburg, Netherlands175 cmL2018/19
12 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Kevin BruijstenJanuary 29, 1987Nijmegen, Netherlands185 cmL2017/18Dundee Stars (EIHL)
14 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Mickey Bastings "C"February 14, 1992Tilburg, Netherlands193 cmL2010/11Banff Academy Bears - Banff, Alberta, Canada
20 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Mitch Bruijsten "A"March 24, 1989Nijmegen, Netherlands193 cmL2015/16UNIS Flyers Heerenveen
23 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Raymond van der SchuitJanuari 16, 1995Rotterdam, Netherlands180 cmL2019/20Nijmegen Devils
26 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Jonne de BonthApril 23, 1998Tilburg, Netherlands185 cmL2015/16
28 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Delaney HesselsSeptember 10, 2001Goirle, Netherlands170 cmL2018/19
41 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Tijn JacobsDecember 12, 2000Tilburg, Netherlands166 cmL2018/19
66 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Diego HoflandSeptember 21, 1990Rotterdam, Netherlands187 cmR2019/20Füchse Duisburg, Germany
77 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Reno de HondtOktober 6, 1995Tilburg, Netherlands168 cmR2014/15Flint Jr. Generals - Flint, Michigan, USA
81 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Max HermensOktober 31, 1997Zoetermeer, Netherlands180 cmL2017/18Nacka HK, Swede
95 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Danny StempherAugust 5, 1995Zoetermeer, Netherlands178 cmL2015/16Eindhoven Kemphanen
98 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Poland.svg Bartek BisonMarch 26, 1998Amsterdam, Netherlands194 cmL2019/20Bismarck Bobcats, USA



Coaching/Team Staff

Medical Staff

Sport Management





Former coaches

Championships and Cup Wins

Retired numbers

Tilburg Trappers retired numbers
2 Huub van Dun D 1965–1977January 9, 1949438169
9 Jiri Petrnousek D 1968–1981March 11, 19475211081
10 Joe Simons F 1964–1980July 15, 19474411148
15 Klaas van den Broek F 1969–1985July 7, 1955630787
17Frank Jacobs D 1984–1998June 14, 1967632230
18 Rody Jacobs D 1995–2013June 29, 1967894313
19 Peter van Biezen F 2000–2017March 1, 1983808843
30 Jerry Göbel GK 1970–1980February 19, 19494282
31 Martin Trommelen GK 1986–2007September 18, 196995418

Prize winning players

Daryl Bat (2009-2010), Taggert Desmet (2008-2009), Mike Lalonde (2007-2008), Dave Bonk (2006-2007), Jeffrey Maed (1999-2000)

Jordy van Oorschot (2014-2015), Wil Colbert (2013-2014), Stanislav Nazarov (2003-2004), Leo van den Thillart (2002-2003), Don Nichols (2000-2001)

Diederick Hagemeijer (2011-2012), Peter van Biezen (2010-2011), Doug Stienstra (2007-2008), Doug Stienstra (2006-2007), Rody Jacobs (2000-2001), Theo van Gerwen (1995-1996), Antoine Geesink (1994-1995), Dave Livingston (1993-1994)

Ian Meierdres (2012-2013), Ian Meierdres (2010-2011), Paulo Colaiacovo (2007-2008), Martin Trommelen (2003-2004)

Jordy Verkiel (2014-2015), Ivy van den Heuvel (2010-2011)

Famous players

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The 2019/20 Oberliga season was the 61st season of the Oberliga, the third-tier of German ice hockey. The Oberliga operated with two regional leagues, North and South. 24 teams competed in the season that spanned from 28 September 2019 till 11 March 2020. The regular season and championship playoff qualifiers was completed, but the season was then cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the remainder of the Oberliga season was cancelled by DEB. The championship playoffs were not contested so no Oberliga champion was named. There was also no sporting promotion or relegation, with ERC Sonthofen the only team to be relegated due to the club entering insolvency. Tilburg Trappers were crowned Oberliga North premiers, while Eisbären Regensburg were crowned Oberliga South premiers.


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