Timber Mountain Log Ride

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Timber Mountain Log Ride
Timber Mountain Log Ride 20.jpg
The Timber Mountain Log Ride in 2019
Knott's Berry Farm
Area Ghost Town
Cost US$3,500,000
Opening dateJuly 11, 1969 (1969-07-11)
General statistics
Type Log flume
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Designer Bud Hurlbut
Garner Holt (2013 renovation)
Height85 ft (26 m)
Drop42 ft (13 m)
Length1,200 m (3,900 ft)
Capacity1,300 an hour (36 logs) riders per hour
Height restriction36 in (91 cm)
ThemeCalico Logging
Cedar Fair Fast Lane availibility.svg Fast Lane available
Wheelchair symbol.svg Wheelchair accessible
Attraction transfer icon.svg Must transfer from wheelchair

The Timber Mountain Log Ride is a themed log flume water dark ride at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, United States. The ride is themed after the Knott's Calico Ghost Town. The ride is one of the oldest log flumes in the United States and is one of the most popular rides at the park. [1] Moreover, the Timber Mountain Log Ride received a major refurbishment in 2013 and celebrated its 50th anniversary on July 11, 2019.



Walter Knott and Bud Hurlbut ride the Timber Mountain Log Ride in 1969 WalterKnottBudHurlbutLogRideKBF1969.jpg
Walter Knott and Bud Hurlbut ride the Timber Mountain Log Ride in 1969

The original concept of the Timber Mountain Log Ride was not a log flume, but rather a roller coaster which appeared to float in a trough. However, after discussions with Arrow Development co-founders Ed Morgan and Karl Bacon, the ride's designer Bud Hurlbut chose to use a log flume ride system. The development of scenes throughout the ride saw Walter Knott approve the ride for construction. [2] The initial $3.5 million cost for the ride was funded by the Hurlbut Amusement Company, with the ride later being sold to the park. [3]

Timber Mountain Log Ride opened on July 11, 1969 with John Wayne on its inaugural ride. [4]

During December 2012, Knott's Berry Farm decided to give the park's most popular attraction a major overhaul and upgrade. This was beginning of a major change in the park's direction with moving back into themed attractions rather than just thrills. The park's owner Cedar Fair had originally planned to add another major roller coaster in Knott's Ghost Town area. However, with a change in leadership at the park and Cedar Fair, it was decided to cancel the plans for another roller coaster. Instead, Knott's used those funds to begin a major refurbishment and upgrade to the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

On January 6, 2013, the ride to closed undergo a five-month renovation done by Garner Holt Productions to include animatronic figures and new scenes, while retaining its theme of a lumber camp. [5] The park's in-house staff also assisted in the renovation of the ride by adding roughly 100 sequoia trees, a distinctive feature of the mountain. The ride reopened on May 31, 2013. [6] [7] [3]

On July 11, 2019, Knott's Berry Farm celebrated the 50th anniversary of the park's most popular ride: the Timber Mountain Log Ride. As part of the 50th anniversary, Knott's added 2 new animatronics designed by Garner Holt. All 36 logs were retrofitted with individual seats (similar to Splash Mountain at nearby Disneyland) as opposed to the lap sitting seat design. Most of the logs feature 3 or 4 individual seats. Another major improvement made to the ride was the addition of a soundtrack. An exclusive soundtrack was developed for the ride by Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies. The ride now features a soundtrack exclusively about the log ride, giving a much improved ride experience.


Riders getting splashed on the Timber Mountain Log Ride. Timber Mountain Log Ride 10.jpg
Riders getting splashed on the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Originally known as the "Calico Log Ride" (considered groundbreaking in its time) [7] it takes riders through a 330-foot long mountain with a theme of a 19th-century lumber camp. The ride is housed in an eight-story building that contains 24,000 gallons of water and finishes in a 42-foot free fall. [8]

The ride features 24 animal animatronic and 39 human figure animatronic figures. The ride's forest scenes (2nd and 4th) feature a distinctive pinecone smell, giving riders the experience of an authentic forest setting.

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