Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective

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Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective
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Box set by
ReleasedFebruary 19, 2018
Label Julien-K Inc.
Producer Julien-K
Julien-K chronology
California Noir - Chapter Two: Nightlife in Neon
Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective
Harmonic Disruptor

Time Capsule: A Future Retrospective is a box set by American electronic rock band Julien-K. It is a four-disc collection of previously rare or unreleased material, including b-sides, demos, rough mixes, remixes, and live recordings.



The 64-track four-disc set was first announced in May 2017 via Facebook. [1] As with the band's previous two albums an Indiegogo campaign was launched in order to finance the project, [2] and as with previous campaigns their $15,000 goal was reached within a day, [3] ultimately finishing the campaign with $50,520.

Track listing

Disc One: Unreleased Songs & Studio B-Sides

1."Killer Instinct" (2005)3:16
2."The Antisocialites" (2013)3:34
3."Broken Pieces" (2014)4:03
4."Little Damnation" (2007)3:11
5."Wastelander" (2013)4:51
6."Darkest Days of My Bitter Youth" (2013)4:29
7."Walking With the Dead in My Arms" (2011)5:26
8."The Hunting" (2011)4:25
9."Wind Screams Love" (2012)3:48
10."All of My Life" (2005)3:40
11."Killing Fields" (2006 Death to Analog B-Side)5:18
12."Dreamland" (2005 Death to Analog B-Side) (previously released as a single in Europe [4] )4:07
13."Cruel Daze of Summer" (2012) (The House of Rock Live Sessions)6:24
14."Nights of Future Past" (2012) (The House of Rock Live Sessions)5:26
15."We're Here With You" (2012) (The House of Rock Live Sessions)4:58
Total length:1:06:40

Disc Two: Demos

1."Alibi" (2003 Demo)3:50
2."Kick the Bass" (2004 Demo)4:31
3."Someday Soon" (2004 Demo)4:11
4."Everyone Knows" (2004 Demo) (previously released as an exclusive free download for members of the band's street team)4:04
5."Look At U" (2004 Demo) (previously released on Initium Eyewear International Opticult compilation CD)3:42
6."Maestro" (2004 Snippet)2:03
7."Technical Difficulties" (2004 Demo)4:33
8."Shaking" (2004 Demo)4:15
9."Cowboys & Runaways" (2005 Demo)4:00
10."Spiral" (2005 Demo)4:20
11."Walking" (2007 "Little Damnation" Demo)2:41
12."Cruel Daze of Summer" (2010 Demo w/Pre-Chorus)7:17
13."Hyper Chase" (2011 "Flashpoint Riot" Demo)5:05
14."California Dreams" (2013 "California Noir" Demo)3:57
15."All This From the Sky" (2013 "Strange Invisible" Demo)3:31
16."Rainbows" (2013 "Strange Invisible" Early Jam)2:28
Total length:1:04:20

Disc Three: Live & Acoustic

1."Death to Analog" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)5:29
2."Look At U" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)3:53
3."Kick the Bass" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)3:58
4."Systeme de Sexe" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)5:33
5."Spiral" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)3:57
6."Technical Difficulties" (Live in Casper, Wyoming) (2007)5:27
7."Cruel Daze of Summer" (The Rock Shop Live Sessions) (2012)6:25
8."Colorcast" (The Rock Shop Live Sessions) (2012)4:40
9."Surrounded By Cowards" (The Rock Shop Live Sessions) (2012)4:31
10."Palm Springs Reset" (featuring Chester Bennington) (Stars of the Season Acoustic Benefit Show) (2011)5:13
11."I'll Try Not to Destroy You" (featuring Chester Bennington) (Stars of the Season Acoustic Benefit Show) (2011)5:05
12."California Noir" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show) (2015)3:32
13."She's the Pretender" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show) (2015)3:53
14."Cast Into the Sea" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show) (2015)3:32
15."Strange Invisible" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show Rehearsal) (2016)3:22
16."Eviscerate" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show Rehearsal) (2016)4:52
17."Framework" (Gypsy Den Acoustic Show Rehearsal) (2016)3:34
Total length:1:17:19

Disc Four: Rough Mixes, Remixes & Live

1."Kick the Bass" (2005 Electro Rough Mix)4:01
2."Someday Soon" (2005 Rough Mix)4:14
3."Technical Difficulties" (2005 Rough Mix)4:38
4."Dreamland" (2005 Rough Mix)4:02
5."Maestro" (2005 Rough Mix)3:29
6."Stranded" (2005 Rough Mix)4:05
7."Cruel Daze of Summer" (2012 Rough Mix)6:24
8."California Noir" (2017 Zeskullz VIP Remix)4:12
9."Killing Fields" (2009 Brandon Belsky Remix) (previously released as a free download [5] )6:33
10."Dreamland" (2010 Gorstein Remix) (previously released on Dreamland single)3:48
11."Kick the Bass" (2014 Razorwerk Remix)5:02
12."Maestro" (2007 Brandon Belsky Remix) (previously released on Death to Digital X )7:00
13."Someday Soon" (2011 Live Remix Version) (previously released on SDS Sessions V.1 )3:14
14."Maestro" (2011 Live Remix Version) (previously released on SDS Sessions V.1)5:10
15."Fail With Grace" (2011 JK Live Version) (previously released on SDS Sessions V.1)5:29
16."Dregs of the World" (2011 JK Live Version) (previously released on SDS Sessions V.1)4:52
Total length:1:16:04
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Score (2009) – Indiegogo backers exclusive bonus disc
15."Death to Analog" (Revenge of the Fallen Instrumental Edit #1)1:24
16."Death to Analog" (Revenge of the Fallen Instrumental Edit #2)1:34
17."Maestro" (Brandon Belsky Instrumental Remix)7:02
18."Technical Difficulties" (Photek Instrumental Remix)6:34
Total length:32:01



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