Time Warner Interactive

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Time Warner Interactive
Company type Division
Industry Video games
Predecessor Tengen
FoundedJune 23, 1993;30 years ago (1993-06-23) (as Time Warner Consumer Products)
DefunctApril 12, 1996;27 years ago (1996-04-12)(North America)
November 1996;27 years ago (1996-11)(Europe)
January 17, 1997;27 years ago (1997-01-17)(Japan)
FateSold to WMS Industries, later transferred to Midway Games
Successor Warner Bros. Games
2210 West Olive Avenue, Burbank, CA 91506 [1] [2]
Parent Time Warner
Subsidiaries Atari Games

Time Warner Interactive (Group) (TWI) was a video game publishing division within Time Warner. It was formed in 1993 after Time Warner acquired a controlling interest in Atari Games, which was already partly held by Time Warner. It was active until 1996 when WMS Industries, the owners of the Williams, Bally and Midway arcade brands, bought the company.


Time Warner Interactive, was responsible for games, such as Rise of the Robots , Primal Rage , and T-MEK .


Time Warner Interactive was originally formed in 1984 as Warner New Media, and it was renamed to Time Warner Interactive Group in 1993. [3] In 1994, following the full acquisition of Atari Games by Time Warner, TWIG merged with Atari Games and its associated subsidiary Tengen to form Time Warner Interactive, which serve its functions as a video game and multimedia company. [4] [5] In 1996, WMS Industries purchased it. Time Warner Interactive was previously known as Tengen, the consumer division of Atari Games. Atari Games would continue to operate under its own name until March 29, 1996, when both it and Time Warner Interactive were bought by WMS Industries and was subsequently absorbed into Williams Entertainment (later renamed Midway Home Entertainment), while Atari Games became part of Midway, and eventually was renamed Midway Games West in 1999.

Time Warner also bought the UK publisher Renegade Software in 1995 and kept it independent as Warner Interactive Entertainment, before merging with the European arm of TWI in 1996. Both subsidiaries were short-lived; Time Warner Interactive was formed from the Atari Games acquisition in 1993 and sold to WMS Industries on March 29, 1996, [6] while Time Warner Interactive Japan dissolved in the same year due to WMS not seeing the merit of having a Japanese division in Japan due to how very costly it is for Midway to have a Japanese video game studio in their hands in Lost Decade situation, and European division of Time Warner Interactive (including Renegade Software) existed only two years before being sold to GT Interactive in November 1996 (GT Interactive are best known for distribution of Doom II, Duke Nukem 3D, and Quake as shareware). [7]

List of games

Release DateTitlePlatform Developer Publisher
1993 Fire Power 2000 Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
1993 Batman Returns Sega CD
Black x.svgN
1994 T-MEK Arcade, Sega 32X
Black x.svgN
1994 Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1994 Generations Lost Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
1994 The Lawnmower Man Sega Genesis, Sega CD
Black x.svgN
1994 Red Zone Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
1994 Rise of the Robots Amiga, Amiga CD32, DOS, Sega Genesis, SNES, Game Gear, 3DO, CD-i, Arcade
Black x.svgN
1994 Mega SWIV Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
1994 Chuck Jones' Peter and the Wolf PC
Black x.svgN
1994R.B.I. Baseball '94 Game Gear
Black x.svgN
1994 R.B.I. Baseball '95 32X
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1994 Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers Sega Genesis
Black x.svgN
1994 Tama: Adventurous Ball in Giddy Labyrinth Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1995 Cheese Cat-astrophe starring Speedy Gonzalez Game Gear, Master System
Black x.svgN
1995 Kawasaki Superbike Challenge Sega Genesis, SNES
Black x.svgN
1995 Virtua Racing Sega Saturn
Black x.svgN
1995 Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars Sega Genesis, SNES
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1995 Power Drive Rally Atari Jaguar
Black x.svgN
1995 Primal Rage 32X, Amiga, Atari Jaguar CD, DOS, Game Boy, Game Gear, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, SNES
Black x.svgN
1995 Race Drivin' Sega Saturn
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1995 Super R.B.I. Baseball SNES
Black x.svgN
1995Hoop it Up World Tour 3 on 3 the GameArcade
Black x.svgN
1996International MotoX PlayStation
Black x.svgN
1996 Pitball PlayStation
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN
1996 PO'ed PlayStation
Black x.svgN
1996 Return Fire PlayStation
Black x.svgN
1996 Striker '96 PlayStation
Black x.svgN
1997 Shinrei Jusatsushi Tarōmaru Sega Saturn
Black x.svgN
Black x.svgN

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