Tiny Planets

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Tiny Planets
Tiny Planets title card.png
Genre Children’s animation
Created byNina Elias-Bamberger
Directed byAlastair McIlwain
Creative directorDavid J. Aldred
Voices ofDashiell Tate
Kim Goody
Opening themeBing and Bong by Kim Goody
Ending themeBing and Bong by Kim Goody
Composers Kim Goody
Alan Coates
Country of originUnited Kingdom
United States
Original languagesEnglish
No. of series1
No. of episodes65 [1] [2]
Executive producers
  • Paul J. Michael
  • Nina Elias-Bamberger
  • Richard Morss
EditorSamantha Hatton-Brown
Running time5 minutes
Production companies Sesame Workshop
Pepper's Ghost Productions Ltd.
Original network ITV (CITV) (UK)
Noggin (United States)
Original release10 June 2001 (2001-06-10) 
21 December 2002 (2002-12-21)

Tiny Planets is a computer-animated children's television series co-produced by Sesame Workshop and Pepper's Ghost Productions. The concept was created by the late Nina Elias-Bamberger at Sesame Workshop with character designs by Ed Taylor. The television series consists of 65 five-minute, [3] dialogue-free (and later narrated by Kim Goody, the singer of the theme song) episodes featuring two white-furred extraterrestrials travelling their universe and solving a specific problem each episode. [4]



Deep in the heart of the Tiny Universe lies the North Planet where the main characters, Bing and Bong, make their home. These two explorers are catapulted to the surrounding worlds in their solar system on a flying white couch where they explore, learn about the inhabitants, develop friendships and have fun.



There are six Tiny Planets that Bing and Bong travel to, in addition to their Home Planet.






Light and Color:



Tiny Planets was shown on ITV in the United Kingdom. On December 1, 2002, the original version with English graphics premiered on Noggin in the United States as 5-minute segments between other shows. It was expanded to a 30-minute show in early June 2004, and was shown on Noggin until April 9, 2006. [5] It also aired on ABC in Australia, K-T.V. World in South Africa, BFBS in Germany as well as Belize, Falkland Islands, Gibraltar and Bosnia and Herzegovina, TV3 in New Zealand, Kids Central in Singapore, JimJam in Malta, e-Junior in the Emirates, TVB Pearl in Hong Kong as well as Macau, Family Channel and CBC in Canada. Localized versions were aired on Super RTL in Germany, NRK in Norway, HRT in Croatia, NHK in Japan, UBC Kids in Thailand, SBS in Korea, Astro Ria in Malaysia, Spacetoon in Indonesia, Italia 1 in Italy, Discovery Kids in Latin America, Televisa in Mexico and Minika Çocuk in Turkey. [6] [7]

Awards and nominations

The programme was nominated for several BAFTA awards. It won the 2002 BAFTA Interactive Children's Entertainment Award [8] and was nominated for the 2001 BAFTA Interactive Award for Online Learning [9] and the 2003 BAFTA Pre-school Animation Award. [10] Additionally, a website based on the series was awarded the 2001 BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Website Award. [11]

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