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Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 29°54′02″N7°19′13″W / 29.90056°N 7.32028°W / 29.90056; -7.32028 Coordinates: 29°54′02″N7°19′13″W / 29.90056°N 7.32028°W / 29.90056; -7.32028
CountryFlag of Morocco.svg  Morocco
Region Souss-Massa
Province Tata Province
Population (2004)
  Total 9,927
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
  Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)

Tissint (Berber languages : ⵜⵉⵙⵉⵏⵜ, Arabic : تيسينت, also known as Agadir Tissinnt, Agadir Tissint, or Tissinnt) is a small town near Tata, Morocco in Tata Province in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco. [1] It has a population of 9,927 as of 2004. [2]

Berber languages Family of similar or closely related languages and dialects indigenous to North Africa

The Berber languages, also known as Berber or the Amazigh languages, are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. They comprise a group of closely related languages spoken by the Berbers, who are indigenous to North Africa. The languages were traditionally written with the ancient Libyco-Berber script, which now exists in the form of Tifinagh.

Tata, Morocco Place in Souss-Massa, Morocco

Tata is a province in south-western Morocco with a population of 18.611 according to the country's 2014 census. It is the largest city in Tata Province.

Tata is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Souss-Massa. Its population in 2004 was 121,618.

Tissint was the site of a meteorite fall on July 18, 2011. In October 2011, nomads began to find very fresh, fusion-crusted stones in a remote area of the Oued Drâa intermittent watershed, centered about 50 km ESE of Tata, Morocco and 48 km SSW of Tissint, near the Oued El Gsaïb drainage and also near El Ga’ïdat plateau known as Hmadat Boû Rba’ine. The largest pieces were recovered in the El Ga’ïdat plateau, and the smallest ones (a few grams) were found closer to the El Aglâb mountains. One 47 g crusted stone was documented as found at 29°28.917’ N, 7°36.674’ W. [3]

Tissint meteorite martian achondrite meteorite from Morocco

The Tissint meteorite is a Martian meteorite that fell in Tata Province in the Guelmim-Es Semara region of Morocco on July 18, 2011. Tissint is the fifth Martian meteorite that people have witnessed falling to Earth, and the first since 1962. Pieces of the meteorite are on display at several museums, including the Museum of Natural History of Vienna and the Natural History Museum in London.

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Marrakesh Prefecture-level city in Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

Marrakesh is a major city of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is the fourth largest city in the country, after Casablanca, Fez and Tangier. It is the capital city of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakesh-Safi. Located to the north of the foothills of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh is situated 580 km (360 mi) southwest of Tangier, 327 km (203 mi) southwest of the Moroccan capital of Rabat, 239 km (149 mi) south of Casablanca, and 246 km (153 mi) northeast of Agadir.

Agadir Place in Souss-Massa, Morocco

Agadir is a major city in mid-southern Morocco. Agadir is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean near the foot of the Atlas Mountains, just north of the point where the Sus River flows into the ocean. It is 508 km south of Casablanca. It is the capital of the Agadir Ida-U-Tanan Prefecture and of the Sus-Massa economic region. A majority of its inhabitants speak Tashelhit Berber, one of the varieties of the Berber language.

Essaouira City and Wilaya in Marrakesh-Safi, Morocco

Essaouira, formerly known as Mogador, is a city in the western Moroccan economic region of Marrakesh-Safi, on the Atlantic coast. The modern name means "the little rampart", a reference to the fortress walls that still enclose part of the city.

Tan-Tan Place in Guelmim-Oued Noun, Morocco

Tan-Tan is a city in Tan-Tan Province in the region of Guelmim-Oued Noun in southwestern Morocco. It is a desert town with a population of 73,209. It is the largest city in the province and second largest city in the region after the capital Guelmim. It is located on the banks of the wadi Oued Ben Jelil, which flows into the Draa River 15 km north of the town. The Draa River at 1,100 km is the longest in Morocco and flows into the Atlantic Ocean soon after the confluence with the wadi. The town also has an airport, Tan Tan Plage Blanche Airport.

El Oued city in El Oued Province, Algeria

El Oued, Souf or Oued Souf is a city, and the capital of El Oued Province, in Algeria. The oasis town is watered by an underground river, hence its name is El Oued which enables date palm cultivation and the rare use of brick construction for housing. As most roofs are domed, it is known as the "City of a Thousand Domes".

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Kiffa is a large town in the far south of Mauritania, and the name of an administrative area within the local Assaba Region. Kiffa is located at 16.63°N 11.4°W, some 600 kilometres (370 mi) from the coast and at the western end of the Aoukar sand sea of southern Mauritania.

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Tindouf is the main town, and a commune in Tindouf Province, Algeria, close to the Mauritanian, Western Saharan and Moroccan borders.The commune has population of around 160,000 but the census and population estimates do not count the Sahrawi refugees making the population as of the 2008 census 45,966, up from 25,266 in 1998, and an annual population growth rate of 6.3%.

Regions of Morocco current highest administrative division of Morocco

Regions are currently the highest administrative divisions in Morocco. Since 2015, Morocco officially administers 12 regions, including one that lies completely within the disputed territory of Western Sahara and two that lie partially within it. The regions are subdivided into a total of 75 second-order administrative divisions, which are prefectures and provinces.

Chaouia-Ouardigha Region in Morocco

Chaouia-Ouardigha was formerly one of the sixteen regions of Morocco from 1997 to 2015. It was situated in north-central Morocco in the historical region of Chaouia. It covered an area of 7,010 km² and had a population of 1,893,950. The capital was Settat.

Guelmim-Es Semara Region

Guelmim-Es Semara was formerly one of the sixteen regions of Morocco from 1997 to 2015. It covered an area of 122,825 km² and had a population of 501,921. The regional capital was Guelmim.

Botola 2, is the second division of the Moroccan football league, behind the Botola, the highest football league in Morocco. It features 19 teams across the country that compete for the top two positions in the competition which at the end of the season allows them promotion to the Botola. Each season as well, the 3 bottom teams are all relegated to the third-level, Division Nationale.

Administrative divisions of Morocco

In Morocco, the 75 second-level administrative subdivisions are 13 prefectures and 62 provinces. They are subdivisions of the 12 regions of Morocco. Each prefecture or province is subdivided into arrondissements, municipalities or urban municipalities in other urban areas, and districts in rural areas. The districts are subdivided into rural municipalities. One prefecture (Casablanca) is also subdivided into préfectures d'arrondissements, similar to districts (cercles) except they are grouping a few arrondissements instead of rural municipalities.

Souss-Massa National Park national park in Morocco

The Souss-Massa National Park is a 33,800 hectare national park on the Atlantic coast of Morocco which was created in 1991. It lies between Agadir to the north and Sidi Ifni to the south and its centre is at 9°40'W 30°5'N. The estuary of the Oued Souss is the northern limit of the park, and that of the Oued Massa is near the southern end. 30,000 ha of land near Aglou, south of the park, is also included in the site because it is sometimes used as a feeding area by the northern bald ibis. The habitat is grazed steppe with dunes, beaches and wetlands. The soil is mainly sandy with some rockier areas.

Tiznit is a province in the Moroccan economic region of Souss-Massa. Its population in 2004 was 344,831.

Spanish pond turtle species of reptile

The Spanish pond turtle, also known commonly as the Mediterranean pond turtle, is a species of turtle in the family Geoemydidae. The species is endemic to southwestern Europe and northwestern Africa.

Souss-Massa Region in Morocco

Souss-Massa is one of the twelve regions of Morocco. It covers an area of 51,642 km² and had a population of 2,676,847 as of the 2014 Moroccan census. The capital of the region is Agadir.

Moroccan license plates match in size and appearance to a large extent the European license plates and usually show black text on a white background.

The 2018 Moroccan Throne Cup will be the 62nd staging of the Moroccan Throne Cup, the knockout football tournament in Morocco. The winners will be assured a place for the 2018–19 CAF Confederation Cup.


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