Titan IIIM

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Titan IIIM
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Titan IIIM proposal
Has use Expendable launch system
Manufacturer Martin Marietta
Country of originUnited States
Cost per launchUS$22 million(1965)
Height39.0 m (128.0 ft)
Diameter3.05 m (10.0 ft)
Mass836,560 kg (1,844,300 lb)
Payload to 185 km (115 mi)
Mass17,000 kg (37,000 lb)
Associated rockets
Family Titan
Launch history
Launch sites CCAFS LC-40
Vandenberg AFB SLC-6
Total launches0
Boosters – UA1207
No. boosters2
Height34.14 m (112.0 ft)
Diameter3.05 m (10.0 ft)
Empty mass51,230 kg (112,940 lb)
Gross mass319,330 kg (704,000 lb)
Powered byoff
Maximum thrust 7,116.999 kN (1,599,965 lbf)
Specific impulse 272 s (2.67 km/s)
Burn time120 s