Titan II GLV

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Titan II GLV
Gemini-Titan 11 Launch - GPN-2000-001020.jpg
Launch of Gemini 11 on a Titan II GLV from LC-19
Function Human-rated launch vehicle for Gemini spacecraft
Manufacturer Martin
Country of originUnited States
Height109 ft (33 m) [1]
Diameter10 ft (3.0 m)
Mass340,000 lb (150 t)
Payload to LEO [ altitude and inclination needed ]
Mass7,900 lb (3.6 t)
Associated rockets
Family Titan
Launch history
Launch sites Cape Canaveral LC-19
Total launches12
First flightApril 8, 1964
Last flightNovember 11, 1966
Type of passengers/cargo Gemini
First stage
Powered by1 LR87-AJ-7
Maximum thrust430,000 lbf (1,900 kN)
Specific impulse 258 s
Burn time156 seconds
Propellant Aerozine 50 / N2O4