To Beast or Not to Beast

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To Beast or Not to Beast
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Studio album by
Released1 March 2013 (2013-03-01)
Label Sony Music (Finland)
AFM Records (Europe)
The End Records (United States, Canada)
Producer Michael Wagener
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Babez for Breakfast
To Beast or Not to Beast
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Singles from To Beast or Not to Beast
  1. "The Riff"
    Released: 8 February 2013

To Beast or Not to Beast is the sixth studio album of Finnish rock band Lordi, released on 1 March 2013. As is traditional for the band, their costumes were renewed again for the release of this album. [1] The album was produced and mixed by Michael Wagener and engineered by Shani Gandhi. [2] It is the first album to feature members Mana and Hella. It also marks the first and only appearance of former drummer Otus, who died in 2012.


In Germany the album was released in digipak covers. The album has been released as LP version in EMP store. [2]

Track listing

1."We're Not Bad for the Kids (We're Worse)"Mr Lordi, Tracy Lipp Mr Lordi, Amen 3:23
2."I Luv Ugly"Lordi, LippLordi3:47
3."The Riff"Lordi, LippLordi, Amen3:44
4."Something Wicked This Way Comes"Lordi, LippLordi, Amen4:57
5."I'm the Best"LordiLordi, P.K. Hell3:14
6."Horrifiction"Lordi, LippLordi3:28
7."Happy New Fear"Lordi, LippLordi, OX, Hell, Amen4:45
8."Schizo Doll"Lordi, LippLordi4:34
9."Candy for the Cannibal"Lordi, LippLordi, Hell4:42
10."Sincerely with Love"Lordi, LippLordi3:13
11."SCG6: Otus' Butcher Clinic" Otus Otus3:23
Total length:43:10
Japanese edition bonus track
12."Hulking Dynamo"Mr Lordi3:03
Total length:46:13



Credits for To Beast or Not to Beast adapted from liner notes. [3]


Chart (2013)Peak
position [4]

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<i>Screem Writers Guild</i> 2023 studio album by Lordi

Screem Writers Guild is the eighteenth studio album by the Finnish rock band Lordi. It was released on 31 March 2023, and is their first album under the label Atomic Fire Records. The album has been described as not a concept album, but contains a "cinematic horror movie" theme throughout.


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